Why Ryan Michael Will Not Apply for the Colts CBS Correspondent Position

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMay 27, 2009

At first I didn't intend to say much of anything but in response to a number of inquires regarding my desire and chances of landing the CBS Sports NFL Correspondent position with the Indianapolis Colts, I felt that perhaps the best way to address the issue would be to come out and make my feelings on the subject public.

When I had first seen the advertisment for the CBS Sports NFL Correspondent competition, my first reaction was one of great excitement. After all, what aspiring sports writer wouldn't want to have the opportunity to cover their favorite team up close and personal?

After having joined Bleacher Report over seven months ago, I quickly secured the Indianapolis Colts top writer-ranking spot. Ever since I did, I have refused to let go of the position. That is not because I feel that I am better than anyone, I just have so much passion for the Indianapolis Colts football team that I cannot go more than a few days without having something to share with everyone.

Call me obsessive if you will but I make no attempts to hide the degree of passion I have for professional sports, especially the Indianapolis Colts.

Two months ago, I was selected to be the team's Community Leader.

The position is something for which I take great pride in.

I can only hope that my fellow Colts fans think as highly of me as I do of them. The one and only thing that I can voice any displeasure about is the fact that we lack the sheer numbers to rank up there with some of the more popular teams.

Even so, I've always said that what we lack in numbers, we make up for in passion.

And it is that passion that I have which made me feel that earning the CBS Sports Colts Correspondent position would be something within the realm of my capabilities.

When you sit back and think about it for a moment, it really is an opportunity that each and every writer of ever NFL team should pour their hearts out to try to earn.

After all, opportunities like this don't come around every day.

Yet even with as much promise and excitement the position has to offer, I found myself unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

I thought about it very long and hard but finally came to the conclusion that I would be unable to even apply for the position.

It wasn't about the money and it wasn't about the responsibilities.

I would have done everything that CBS requested and have been happy enough to volunteer more with a smile on my face. I would have done the job for free and heck, I'd even pay for the privilege of covering the Indianapolis Colts up close and personal.

My one and only issue was quite simple: Relocation.

I live far away from Indianapolis.

Sometimes I wish I didn't but I'm more than happy to be where I am. I'm engaged to an amazing woman, have a great family, go to college with enthusiasm, and put my heart and soul into my job.

As much as I love the Indianapolis Colts, I don't love them more than my family.

It is for this one and only reason that I am unable to apply for the position.

I would never submit an application and publish the required articles (which would be very fun by the way) just to see if I would be selected. That would be an insult to CBS and that would be insulting to my fellow Colts writers who are working hard to make sure their dreams come true.

I'm not saying that I would even win the position, I'm simply saying that I can not apply for it.

To whoever does happen to earn the position, I wish you the absolute best of luck and am more than willing to offer my advice and support in the event that you would ever desire it.

As for me, I seek to earn the respect of my peers and continue to help support the Indianapolis Colts in any way that I can. That is why I reached out to the team and was fortunate enough to have the interest returned.

My interview with Colts Wide Receiver Roy Hall was a dream come true for me.

I was proud to have been able to speak to Roy and I was proud to be able to bring a small piece of the NFL world directly into the Bleacher Report universe.

It is these types of experiences that make the CBS Sports NFL correspondent program so special because it will enable so many passionate writers with the opportunity to  nteract with the very teams for which they are most passionate.

I thank CBS Sports for enabling my fellow writers the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

I thank Bleacher Report for creating a website so successful that it has managed to bridge the gap between amateuristic ambition and professionalism.

And last but not least, I thank the readers for having taken a small part out of their day to read this article.


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