Let's Celebrate Deron Williams and His Creepy Pictures of Teammates Sleeping

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 13, 2013

Deron Williams Facebook

Goodnight, sweet princes of the Brooklyn Nets. Dream of that elusive third win and very large women. Know that you are well taken care of at 35,000 feet and that Deron Williams is taking pictures of you sleeping just as any great leader might. 

Thanks to social media, we can bring you a brief glimpse of things behind the scenes of the Nets. While this hardly has any bearing on stat lines or wins and losses, it certainly proves the Brooklyn squad is busy building the all-important team chemistry. 

Here are images from the Nets guard's Facebook page

Photo Credit: Deron Williams Facebook

The picture is joined by the caption, "#Gottem All NOBODY is safe!!!! #sleeptight #knockedout." At that point, Williams sort of ran out of hashtags and started collecting those mini-liquor bottles from everyone's tray, or so we presume. 

Of course, he didn't get them all. Unless I am mistaken, I don't see Kevin Garnett anywhere in this collage of creepy.

Not that this is a big deal, because everyone knows KG doesn't sleep. I don't even think he blinks. No, Garnett is somewhere in the back of the plane glaring with open eyes and a menacing grimace, drooling onto the pack of peanuts he ripped away from the stewardess before she even had a chance to offer. 

You see, Garnett sits, sleeps and slobbers alone. Nobody, not even Paul Pierce, is allowed to chat with him until the start of the next game. 

I just feel silly writing all of this because everyone knows that already. 

Andrei Kirilenko is also absent, but he didn't travel with the team on their West Coast trip, so hopefully Williams left someone behind to take pictures of him sleeping. 

The Nets are 2-4 heading into Wednesday night's game with the 1-5 Sacramento Kings. Hopefully, the fun and frivolity yields wins on the West Coast. 

As for the team, don't bother trying to take selfies while you sleep, because your star guard is on it. 


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