WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from Nov. 13

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIINovember 13, 2013


Divas, high-flyers, rock bands and millions of dollars. That's what highlighted this week's edition of WWE presents Main Event on ION Television.

The Divas Championship was on the line as AJ Lee defended the strap against Natalya Neidhart. Partners went toe-to-toe when Justin Gabriel hit the ring to take on Tyson Kidd. R-Truth teamed with The Prime Time Players to face 3MB, who were dressed as "The Union Jacks."

It was a high-stakes edition of Main Event, and when it was all said and done, the results were surprising.


Quick Results

  • Natalya defeated AJ Lee via DQ through interference by Tamina Snuka in a Divas Championship match. Lee retains.
  • Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd
  • The Union Jacks (3MB) defeated R-Truth and The Prime Time Players


Divas Championship Match: Natalya defeated AJ Lee via DQ

The Divas Championship was on the line in the opening match of the evening, with Natalya defeating the defending title-holder AJ Lee. Unfortunately for the Hart family representative, the win was a result of a disqualification when Tamina Snuka got involved.

Lee proceeded to run away through the crowd with her title in hand.

Natalya is a star on WWE presents Total Divas, but her true claim to fame is as one of the best in-ring performers in the world. She uses the power of her father, Jim "Anvil" Neidhart, and the technical prowess of her uncle, Bret Hart.

Against AJ Lee, however, there was something Natalya couldn't do: overcome outside interference.

Of the active divas, Natalya is the most ideal long-term rival for Lee.

AJ Lee has become the CM Punk of the divas, if you will, combining pipe bomb-esque segments with superb work as a heel wrestler. She's also a champion who fans aren't criticizing for possessing more appeal than in-ring ability.

This rare opportunity for creative to build upon a legitimate divas feud should be cashed in upon. It'd beat the one-month hatreds that are instantly erased in six-women tag team matches that the WWE Universe is used to seeing.

Few would oppose Natalya owning the Divas Championship, especially when you weigh the fact that she's only won it one time. Taking the belt off of AJ Lee would be a dangerous move, but this is a feud that would create the legitimate possibility for that to happen.

Even if Lee were to retain, providing a viable threat is critical moving forward.


Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd

Former tag team partners clashed on WWE presents Main Event when Justin Gabriel took on the recently returned Tyson Kidd. Kidd tore his meniscus in January 2013 and returned to action in October, signaling a rapid turnaround.

Kidd took a one-night hiatus from his feud with Fandango to drop a match to Gabriel.

Kidd is one of the more popular mid-card performers in WWE. Whether he's wrestling as a high-flyer or a grounded technician, he can go toe-to-toe with the best of them and was infamously praised by CM Punk on WWE television for his workhorse mentality.

Unfortunately, he's now on a losing streak.

Justin Gabriel fans rejoice.

Gabriel is a popular wrestler whose thrill-seeker gimmick adequately fits his style of wrestling. He's become WWE's resident master of the 450 Splash and uses an array of kicks to bring the crowd to life when he wrestles.

In this instance, it's a case of Gabriel earning a deserved victory and Kidd picking up a head-scratching loss.

There's no question that both of these men have earned pushes, and there's even less doubt that they'll have a hard time receiving them. The true puzzle is figuring out how both wrestlers figure into the idle Intercontinental and United States Championship pictures.

Until then, Gabriel wins this meeting between former tag team partners.


The Union Jacks defeated R-Truth and The Prime Time Players

Wait, what? That can't be right.

For the first time in more than a month, 3MB won a match. All it took was abandoning their usual gear to become The Union Jacks.

Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater defeated R-Truth and The Prime Time Players in six-men tag team action. It was a rare victory for the rock band without any music, and it could be the start of a push.

Or not. Who really knows with this faction?

3MB have been the resident jobbers of WWE since forming, losing singles, tag team and handicap matches in which the air guitar gurus held the advantage. R-Truth and The Prime Time Players, meanwhile, have received some form of respective pushes in recent months.

Seriously, how is the professional wrestling community supposed to evaluate this match? Neither side has discovered consistency.

It would be refreshing to see 3MB win some matches as it's currently a foregone conclusion that it will lose when they're in the ring. Now, there's some reason for hope that this trio could potentially win matches.

If nothing else, this was a well-earned win that generated some heat from the crowd.