Kids Who Know More About Sports Than You Do

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Kids Who Know More About Sports Than You Do
Image via Kevin Beutow/Facebook

Generally speaking, kids have a lot a great qualities, they're adorable, funny (sometimes intentionally) and a reminder of why the naive, hopefulness of youth is awesome. Sure, there's always going to be some child that is wretched or just plain mean, but that's usually our fault.

One thing most kids are not, is a stickler for details; a stats geek obsessed with the tale of the numbers.

The average adult probably doesn't occupy his time by learning about the new practice squad long-snapper, so expecting someone who struggles to not hurt himself or break your things, without close supervision, is a little unrealistic.

However, some future fantasy league manager with an iron fist is laying the groundwork for a life of knowing more than you ever wanted to about pitching rotations or FCS football mascots is sitting in a kindergarten classroom right now.

And from this human sports encyclopedia set is a standout group of kids who could give a lot of grownup jags like you and me a run for our money when it comes to certain sports factoids.

These are kids who already know more about sports than you.

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