Canadiens-Bruins: When Rivarly Goes Too Far

Miah D.Senior Writer IApril 18, 2008

The game four of this tight Montreal-Boston series was held in Boston last Thursday. After an OT win in front of their fans, the Bruins were looking forward to repeat the experience.

The final score was 1-0 for the "visitors", as both teams played their best to get the win.

As the game ended, things turned nasty outside the TD Banknorth Garden.

The Boston Herald reported Friday morning that the police had to make a few interventions late in the night.

First, they had to stop a fight between two people, one wearing his Bleu Blanc Rouge jersey, and the other his Black and Gold jersey.

Later on, a semi-conscious man was found on the street, bleeding. According to, he is a 28-year old Montrealais, and was with his friend, also from Montreal to "celebrate".  

Wearing their CH jersey, they met with a few Bruins fans who told them to go home. It ended badly for the Quebecois guy, as he has been kicked on the head several times. He said to the policeman that one of them had a Bruins jersey. He has been taken to the Hospital right away to receive treatments.

Nothing excuses the assault itself. According to the policeman, the Habs fan lost a certain amount of blood, and is thankfully okay now.

However, allow me to ask this: out celebrating in the middle of dozens of Bruins fans? In Boston?