Projecting When the Rhodes Brothers Will Lose the Tag Team Titles

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 13, 2013

Our new tag team champions.
Our new tag team champions.from

Projecting the future of Cody and Dustin Rhodes and their current tag team title isn't easy. Indeed, there are several factors that could affect their current run with the belts.

The duo could have a lengthy run as titleholders, sure, but they could also drop their WWE gold pretty soon too.

For example, what if WWE loses faith in the pair?

To be sure, the two brothers have thrived in 2013.

Thanks to his storyline with The Authority, Cody—once thought by many to be a lifelong midcard wrestler—has been thrust into the spotlight. His on-screen firing gave him the chance to show hitherto unseen babyface fire and charisma, and he's now a solid fan favorite.

Cody and Dustin celebrate with John Cena.
Cody and Dustin celebrate with John Cena.from

His brother has performed admirably too. Dustin, aka Goldust, has been churning out one amazing wrestling performance after another since he signed a new deal with the company. Not bad considering he's about to turn 45.

The two have turned into one of the best acts in the entire company. Who could have predicted that a year ago?

But we all know how fickle Vince McMahon can be.

Stephanie cuts a promo on the brothers.
Stephanie cuts a promo on the brothers.from

It was only a couple of months ago Daniel Bryan was being pushed as WWE's No. 1 babyface, after all. Now he's been relegated to the midcard and is feuding with the Wyatts.

How long before the bloom is off the rose with the Rhodes siblings too?

Of course, one thing working in their favor is that their main competitors The Shield look to be headed for a split—Roman Reigns is scheduled for a major babyface turn soon per a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc).

So, if there is a Rhodes/Shield match at the Survivor Series show, the two brothers will likely retain, possibly with some miscommunication matter—and loss—leading to further problems between Reigns and Seth Rollins.

The Usos, future heels?
The Usos, future heels?from

But what of the other teams in the division? Are they threats to the Rhodes brothers?

Well, The Real Americans continue to go from strength to strength and are sure to be rewarded with a title run somewhere down the line. Particularly if WWE wants to capitalize on Antonio Cesaro's immense wrestling talent.

And Cesaro and Jack Swagger seem like the next guys in line once the brothers are done with The Authority.

Could December's TLC pay-per-view be where a title change occurs? You never know.

Could the Real Americans take the belts?
Could the Real Americans take the belts?from

It wouldn't be too surprising to see acts like Los Matadores, Three Man Band or The Prime Time Players get a shot with the belts either.

OK, they're both lower card teams and haven't been taken all that seriously, but WWE surely knows it has to start rebuilding its tag division again and giving new guys a chance.

The Usos turning heel and going for the belts can't be ruled out either. While they undoubtedly have talent, both Jimmy and Jey are rather bland as babyfaces. A change in character direction for the pair doesn't seem like too bad of an idea.

Stay tuned, folks. Heading in 2014, things could get very interesting for the Rhodes brothers and the tag belts.