Watch How Quickly Heat Create Alley-Oop for LeBron James

Matthew SchmidtFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2013


You're probably used to this type of thing by now. Can you remember the last time LeBron James didn't throw down an alley-oop during a game?

This one was pretty special, though, as four Miami Heat players touched the ball during a rapid sequence toward the end of the first half of their game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Check it out.

First, Mario Chalmers caused the deflection. Chris Bosh then tipped the ball to Dwyane Wade, and Wade quickly fired it ahead to Chalmers, who intelligently leaked ahead of the pack. Cap that with a perfect over-the-head lob from Chalmers to a trailing James, and you have the ingredients for yet another highlight-reel play by the Heat.

The finish by LeBron was flat-out awesome, too.