John Cena Is Being Wasted with an Alberto Del Rio Rematch

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 12, 2013

Cena facing off against Del Rio at Hell in a Cell
Cena facing off against Del Rio at Hell in a Cellfrom

At Survivor Series later this month, John Cena will take on Alberto Del Rio in a rematch that serves as a massive waste of his time and star power. 

Let’s face it: Cena is the only true full-time star the company has left.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson comes and goes. Edge is retired. Dave Batista seems content to remain in Hollywood and focus on his acting career. The Undertaker works a match or two a year at most. Triple H has made the switch from in-ring competitor to corporate executive (not that this stops him from being all over Raw).

WWE made the (half-hearted) effort to make Daniel Bryan and CM Punk into Cena-level stars in recent times, but neither delivered in terms of ratings or buyrates.

Cena...the only real star WWE has left.
Cena...the only real star WWE has left.from

And, so, the 12 Rounds star remains as valuable as ever. He’s the only difference maker, as evidenced by the impressive rating for his official comeback on Raw two weeks ago.

There’s no word yet on the Hell in a Cell buyrate, but if it is better than expected, credit can be attributed mainly to Cena’s presence on the show.

Worryingly for the company, he may only have a limited time left on top. He’s getting older—he turned 36 earlier this year—and is banged up these days. His eagerness to rush back from injuries probably isn't doing his long-term health any favors either.

So, with this in mind, why is WWE squandering its only genuine—and increasingly injury-prone—star in a prominent feud with Del Rio?

It seems something of a waste doesn't it?

Del Rio hasn't really lived up to expectations
Del Rio hasn't really lived up to expectationsfrom

Granted, working with Cena has forced the former world heavyweight champion to up his game somewhat, but his flaws remain as obvious as ever. He has no real character depth. He doesn't feel like a big deal. His wrestling skills are decent but nothing special. The list goes on.

Besides, Cena/Del Rio has a seen-it-all-before feel to it.

The two previously clashed in 2011, and that program didn't exactly set the world on fire, either. Cena and Del Rio may have decent matches, but their promos lack the spark needed to make their rivalry must-see.

Even throwing Big E. Langston and The Real Americans into the mix hasn't helped this increasingly stale program. Fans have seemingly gotten used to being bored by Del Rio, and even Cena can’t turn them around.

Cena with the belt.
Cena with the belt.from

At what point will WWE give up and admit Del Rio isn't going to be the big star it was hoped he would be?

Why waste Cena on someone who has had too many chances to count and come up short every single time?

Surely Damien Sandow—who has a natural bone to pick with the star following his failed cash-in on Raw two weeks ago—would have more potential in this role?

Let’s hope the Cena/Del Rio feud comes to a definitive end at Survivor Series and the World Heavyweight champion moves on to something bigger and better.

Because his current program with Del Rio isn't doing him, or the company he works for, any favors at all. All it's doing his squandering his considerable talents.