Survivor Series 2013: Big Show Winning the Title Would Be a Major Mistake

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 12, 2013

The Big Show cuts a promo on Raw.
The Big Show cuts a promo on Raw.from

At this month’s Survivor Series, let’s hope WWE doesn’t get too caught up in the Big Show’s momentum and decide to put the Championship on him.

Indeed, in a year that’s been full of booking missteps and errors—Daniel Bryan’s debacle of a main event push springs to mind—having the giant defeat Randy Orton in Boston would arguably be the biggest one so far.

Generally, Big Show’s mega-push this year has been somewhat perplexing.

Big Show takes the fight to Orton.
Big Show takes the fight to Orton.from

The star is hardly a young guy, having turned 41 earlier this year. He’s been wracked with knee and back problems in recent years, as his huge frame and the exhausting WWE schedule takes its considerable toll.

Even as I write this piece, reports are flying around that he may have injured himself again at a recent house show on the European tour, per F4WOnline (h/t

No one could be shocked if he ended up retiring in the next few years.

In short, Big Show is not exactly the guy Vince McMahon should be pinning his company’s future on.

The Big Show confronts Triple H and Stephanie.
The Big Show confronts Triple H and Stephanie.from

One report from (h/t claims that WWE is so firmly behind the stars because of the feeling that bigger wrestlers can draw better, which may be why Bryan has been booted back to the midcard scene.

As reasons for pushing someone goes, it doesn’t sound like a great one. I mean, The Great Khali is even taller than Big Show, and it’s not like he’s moving massive numbers right now.  At this point, the novelty of seeing bigger-than-life athletes may have truly worn off.

Okay, so one could argue that Big Show is over with the fans, and therefore giving him the WWE Championship at Survivor Series is a smart move.

The Authority stand tall.
The Authority stand tall.from

But really, how over is the giant with the WWE Universe? At least compared to someone like Bryan?

Sure, the fans like Big Show, but it’s not like he’s getting standing ovations every time he goes out there. Truthfully, audience reaction to his recent segments with The Authority has been rather lukewarm, too.

Maybe it’s the angle—which isn’t great, frankly—or, after nearly 14 years on the roster, fans just have trouble getting enthusiastic for him.  

But regardless, he doesn’t appear to be setting the world on fire with this current role.  He’s perfectly adequate, of course, but you can’t call the guy a game-changer.   

Orton needs to retain the title at the pay-per-view.
Orton needs to retain the title at the pay-per-view.from

Besides, Orton has only just won the title after a prolonged feud with Bryan. The last thing he needs is to lose it so quickly.  

Especially when he’s already struggling to not be upstaged by a spotlight-hogging Triple H every week—a loss now would hinder his credibility even more.  

Ideally, WWE will recognize how unwise it would be to give the WWE title to the giant on November 24, and book him to lose via screwjob or some other way that will allow him to retain credibility.

Frankly, a title change right now sounds like a simply horrendous idea.