Aaron Murray Reportedly Dating Fox Philly Reporter Kacie McDonnell

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 12, 2013


Aaron Murray, Christian Ponder and a Fox Philly reporter all feature in this week's more captivating college football romantic rumor. 

The good folks over at Busted Coverage spotted evidence that has them ready to call it: The Georgia quarterback is dating Kacie McDonnell who also happens to be Ponder's ex-girlfriend. 

Don't you love when things are wrapped up nicely like a Christmas gift sometimes?

According to BC's Joe Kinsey, there were rumors around social media circles the two were dating, but confirmation was scant. 

That was before these pictures, posted to Murray's Instagram account as well as McDonnell's, were spotted: 

While McDonnell is content to let the two pictures do the talking, Murray's post features a caption that reads, "So excited this girl got to make her first trip to Athens this weekend @kaciemcdonnell. About to be a great bday night."

If McDonnell's name and face are familiar, it may be because she is the traffic and Eagles Gameday Live reporter for Fox Philly. You can follow her more closely on her Twitter feed. 

Here she is dancing on Good Day Philadelphia:

If you still can't place her, perhaps you remember her from a past Busted Coverage article covering WAGs of the NFL draft. It seems Ponder, the former Florida State quarterback, was dating the future reporter at the time they were both getting their careers off the ground. 

As we know, the Minnesota Vikings' Ponder would go on to marry ESPN's Samantha Steele (now Samantha Ponder), and McDonnell would continue on in her own reporting ventures. 

Murray is a 23-year-old finishing up his senior year as quarterback of No. 25 Georgia. And McDonnell picked a great week to watch him play, because the Bulldogs just dispatched Appalachian State 45-6. 

Now there is no confirmation from either camp that they are indeed dating, but it certainly seems as though Ms. McDonnell has taken a shine to yet another star college quarterback.