FIFA 14 Fail Compilations: Cavani, Valdes and Tiki-Taka Star This Week

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2013

FIFA 14 Fail Compilations: Cavani, Valdes and Tiki-Taka Star This Week

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    We've not taken a trip into the world of FIFA 14 fails for a while, so drop everything you're doing and follow us into a land of silliness, laughter and regret.

    This edition features the likes of Edinson Cavani, Victor Valdes and a behemoth sized ball. Seriously.

    Is there really anything else to say? Come on in and enjoy the view.


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    YouTube User: TheEddy1175

    Missing a penalty is one of football's greatest pains, far worse than getting knocked unconscious from a knee to the head.

    Now imagine both of these things happening within a few seconds of each other. This video shows Edinson Cavani spooning his penalty against the bar, before Victor Valdes sprints to his teammates out of celebration.

    Unfortunately for the heartbroken Uruguayan, ol 'Viccy's knee isn't about to console the forward for his mistake. Instead, it clatters into his cranium.

    Be sure to watch the rest of this video. It features of the most outrageous "Hadoken" moments I've ever seen.

FC Farcelona

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    YouTube User: Don Player

    If this video was an examination piece, it would score 99 percent. Unfortunately for the student, the missing percent just so happens to be the important one.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy as a tiki-taka masterclass sees the gamer ping the ball around with extreme confidence. Replicating Argentina's famous passing goal from the 2006 World Cup, everything is pristine until the final execution, where cockiness is met with a slap to the face.

    Open goal, missed.

    It's not often Frodo Baggins pops up in football videos (unless you watch Green Street on repeat), but this time, the Hobbit's scream at the end is more than acceptable.

Did Anyone Bring a Pump?

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    YouTube User: manzinio Sanches

    When playing football as a child, the original step up to using Size 5 balls felt like the old sphere had been replaced with a brick.

    Think how these players feel.

    Stepping onto the pitch with a Size 117, this intermittently giant/invisible ball is only suitable for those who wish to visit the hospital after one header.

    Stretchers at the ready.


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