Darrelle Revis Rips New York Jets Fans over Twitter Threats

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2013

USA Today

Former New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earn their first win of the season on Monday night. Now, he's speaking out about comments fans of his previous team made on social media.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post passed along Revis' remarks about the situation, which he says originally started during a 2010 holdout in New York and has amplified since he moved to the Bucs during the offseason:

I get harassed every day on Twitter [by Jets fans], and I barely even tweet. And you just get tired of it.

You've got to have a backbone, because guys are saying, "F–k you!" and "I want to kill you!" It’s crazy, but I've been getting death threats from them since my first holdout [in 2010]. It’s just bitter Jets fans.

Revis is correct in saying he isn't very active on Twitter. Since the start of October, his only actions on the site have been retweeting a message about a past matchup with Calvin Johnson and replying to somebody who questioned his move.   

The reply caused a brief media firestorm because the message said the $16 million deal he has with Tampa Bay was better than $12 million to play with the Jets.

Despite his lack of posts, Revis apparently checks the site enough to grow frustrated with the constant barrage of threats and negative messages he says he receives.

The star defender, who sealed Tampa Bay's victory over the Miami Dolphins with a late interception, went on to tell the New York Post that he left the Jets organization "with class" and wished the fans would simply "move on":

It don’t help with the record [the Buccaneers have], but at the same time, just let it go. I’m not there no more, Jets fans. I’m not there. When I left, I left with class. I didn't leave saying, "Eff the Jets organization" or anything like that. You've got to move on.

Unfortunately for Revis, his comments are only likely to further embolden those who felt the need to attack him on Twitter in the first place. It doesn't make the threats any more acceptable, of course, but that's just the way social media seems to work at times.

If he doesn't like reading the negative messages, he's best off staying away from Twitter altogether.

The Buccaneers are very much a work in progress, but grabbing their first win is a positive sign, and Revis has been playing better in recent weeks as he works his way back toward full strength. The interception on Monday was his second of the season and 21st of his career.

At least Bucs fans probably sent him messages of support after that.