Elderly Women Pound Energy Drinks, Become Rockstars of Wichita State Game

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 12, 2013

You can let advanced age bring you down, or you can shoulder up and chug some energy drinks like a real grandmother.

Two elderly women took the latter path during Monday night/Tuesday morning’s game between Wichita State and Western Kentucky.

The game—part of a marathon on ESPN—started at 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday night and lasted well into Tuesday morning. Midnight is a start time that likely had many undergrads reeling with fatigue; however, these two intrepid oldsters cut through the fog with nothing less than Rockstar—an energy drink that could singe the rust off a trailer hitch.

The sight of the two ladies fending off fatigue with cans of supercharged energy fluid was spotted by Michael Katz of For The Win. If you ever thought you had an excuse to hit the sack at halftime—well, that’s all over now.

The game’s sportscasters noticed the two Shockers fans passing a can of Rockstar between them and began commenting on the brass-plated demonstration of teamwork and dedication.

“Our two favorite Shockers fans are staying up very late tonight. Are they going to have to go to bed early?”

“They’ll definitely stay up. They had Rockstar earlier. Wichita women know how to party.”

Indeed, Wichita women will consume caustic, guarana-laced crazy water just to stay awake. They don’t even like the taste, but that’s not the point.

GIF via For The Win

There you have it—the gold standard of team support, as demonstrated by two elderly women in turtlenecks and knitted scarves. They used teamwork and weapons-grade energy drinks to stay in the game.

Bravo, ladies. That’s hustle.


You should’ve seen them pound phosphates and cheer on James Naismith.