Arsene Wenger Trolled on #AskArsene Hashtag in Arsenal Twitter Takeover

Lee WalkerUK Managing EditorNovember 12, 2013


It seems Arsenal did not take heed from Queens Park Rangers when they decided to have a Twitter takeover with their manager.

Having a question-and-answer session with a top football name is not new and inevitably leads to a barrage of abuse and banter from rival fans.

QPR officials were keeping Harry Redknapp well away from their feed when they had such an event last month, and we hope Arsene Wenger does not search #AskArsene Tuesday.

Welcome to Wenger's Twitter Takeover! The boss is on his way - post your questions #AskArsene

— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) November 12, 2013

Here's our pick of the questions that Wenger wasn't asked by the Gunners' social media guys.

Hi Arsene, are you rebuilding Diaby with spare parts from Sanogo? #AskArsene

— jimthegooner (@jimthegooner) November 12, 2013

@Arsenal If we had an entire starting XI of Ray Parlour's, would we be unstoppable both on a football and political scale? #AskArsene

— Lee Robson (@LeeSvenRobson) November 12, 2013

Will you walk up Ben Nevis with me next Summer? #AskArsene

— Michael Wicks (@C15MNW) November 12, 2013

@Arsenal Do you think the Balti pie at the Emirates is little bit overpriced? #askarsene

— Chris Loco (@ChrisLoco_) November 12, 2013

pizza slices for hands or wheels for feet? #askarsene @arsënal

— keir-senpai (@kier_abshy) November 12, 2013

@Arsenal the life expectancy rate is increasing. What will be the standard life expectancy in France in 250 years, you think? #AskArsene

— Joel Arvidsson (@JoelArvidsson) November 12, 2013

When you look at a leaf floating in the breeze, do you weep with joy at Mother Nature’s beauty? @arsenal #AskArsene

— Highbury Harold (@BlackScarfAFC) November 12, 2013

#askarsene @Arsenal If we ever meet, how do I greet you? Bow? Hug? Kiss? Fistbump? Hi-5? I'd like to do the hi-5.

— (@AsTallAsHerEyes) November 12, 2013

Hi Arsene ..Quick one !Have you reconciled with your jacket zipper or is their still some tension between You two?#AskArsene

— Nicholas Brandjes (@KangerMUFC) November 12, 2013

RT @BeardedGenius: #AskArsene What was it like to meet your identical hair twin in Malaysia?

— اللهو الخفي (@viagraofchaos) November 12, 2013