BCS Rankings 2013: Most Compelling Developments from Recent Release

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BCS Rankings 2013: Most Compelling Developments from Recent Release
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The 2013 BCS Rankings have been released, and the controversy has returned. Multiple teams have been undervalued, just as many have been overrated, leaving the championship picture cloudy.

The question is, what are the most compelling developments from the most recent release?

Updated BCS Rankings
BCS Rank Team BCS Average AP Coaches
1. Alabama .9958 1 1
2. Florida State .9619 2 2
3. Ohio State .8926 3 3
4. Stanford .8689 5 5
5. Baylor .8618 4 4
6. Oregon .7665 5 7
7. Auburn .7206 7 9
8. Clemson .7200 8 6
9. Missouri .7118 9 8
10. South Carolina .5584 11 12
11. Texas A&M .5473 10 11
12. Oklahoma State .4671 12 10
13. UCLA .4548 13 15
14. Fresno State .4317 16 14
15. Northern Illinois .3505 20 21
16. Michigan State .3417 14 16
17. UCF .3411 15 19
18. Oklahoma .2926 22 17
19. Arizona State .2833 21 22
20. Louisville .2806 19 13

http://www.bcsfootball.org/ & http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll & http://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/polls/

No. 4 Stanford, No. 5 Baylor

If there were only two results from Week 11 that you need to know about, it'd be the Stanford Cardinal dominating the Oregon Ducks and the Baylor Bears taking down the Oklahoma Sooners. Both squads secured monumental victories and both displayed the look of a national title contender.

Oddly enough, the one-loss Cardinal made the jump to No. 4 and the undefeated Bears are No. 5.

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This is not to downplay Stanford's victory, but Baylor is an undefeated team from a major conference. It beat No. 18 (then-No. 10) Oklahoma by 18 points, which is a significant result for a team that failed to defeat the Sooners up until the Robert Griffin III era.

Baylor will have the opportunity for redemption with pending games against Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Texas, but the fact that the Bears are behind the Cardinal is surprising.

There are four undefeated teams remaining, and Baylor happens to be one of them. Just as the Ohio State Buckeyes have been, the Bears continue to be disrespected and passed over as a team on the outside looking in on the title picture.

If Baylor wins out and at least two of the other undefeated teams lose, things could become very interesting in the national championship game picture.

South Carolina Cracks Top 10

One of the most surprising developments of the BCS Rankings release was the fact that the South Carolina Gamecocks cracked the Top 10. Steve Spurrier's group is 7-2 on the season with an 11-point road loss to the Georgia Bulldogs and a a two-point away defeat to the Tennessee Volunteers.

South Carolina's only victory over a ranked opponent was against the No. 21 UCF Knights.

Per BCSFootball.org, the Gamecocks' BCS average was .5584 during the most recent release. That's far—and I mean far—behind the No. 9 Missouri Tigers, which checked in with a mark of .7118.

That disparity should show you just how much separation there is between the top nine teams and the rest of the pack.

Close behind the Gamecocks are the 8-2 Texas A&M Aggies at No. 11. The Aggies have earned a BCS average of .5473.

The SEC may not be as strong as it has been in recent years, but its two-loss teams are still garnering respect.

Michigan State Gets No Love

Over the course of the 2013 college football season, the Michigan State Spartans have developed into one of the best defensive teams in the country. Michigan State is allowing an average of 11.6 points per contest, and has jumped out to 8-1 overall and 5-0 in the Big Ten.

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Not only did the BCS Rankings place the Spartans at No. 16, but they're not even close to cracking the Top 10.

The Spartans have a BCS average of .3417, which is a full .2167 points behind No. 10 South Carolina. This comes after Michigan State dominated the Michigan Wolverines 29-6 on Nov. 2 and experienced its bye on Nov. 9.

Unfortunately, the BCS doesn't care much for the Big Ten.

Michigan State's only loss was a 17-13 road defeat against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Sept. 21. Since then, Michigan State has won five straight games while allowing an average of 10.2 points per game.

The Spartans are a force, but that doesn't mean they're getting respect.

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