Santina and Miss Piggy at Extreme Rules; Who Will Get the Crown?

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

Last night at the Staples Arena in Los Angeles, Chavo and Santino Marella were pitted against each other in a match in which the winner would be able to call what match their protegees would have at Extreme Rules.

Santino was fighting for his sister Santina, Chavo for his aunt, the new Miss Wrestlemania (this title is a crock if you ask me) Vickie Guerrero. I do have to admit that it is comical with Santino/Santina and Vickie.

On RAW last night, Santino was in a tag team match with Mickie James as his partner and their opponents were Chavo Guerrero and Beth Phoenix. It was an easy win for the Santino/James. Mickie pinned the former women's champion.

That win gave Santino the opportunity to pick what kind of match his twin sister Santina will be in against Vickie Guerrero. It will be a Hog Pen Match and it will be for the Miss Wrestlemania crown and sash.

Santina/Santino up to this point, taunted and made fun of RAW's GM, calling her a pig and making pig noises at her. In a previous match that took place last week, Vickie and Santina wrestled for the crown and sash.

In that match up, Chavo came to the ring with Vickie and made a stipulation in the match. There would be no disqualifications. This gave Chavo a chance to get even with Santina for mocking and taunting his aunt.

Since Vickie doesn't know how to wrestle, Chavo fought in her place and then, the British Jackass, William Regal jumped in and leveled Santina in which from that point, Vickie pinned the unconscious Santina and took the crown and sash.

Last night, after the Santino/James victory, Vickie came out in all her glory, crown and all and was waving to the crowd like she was the queen of England, smiling until she heard that she would be wrestling Santina in a Hog Pen Match.

The expression on her face was priceless. For once, probably in her whole life, she was speechless. Santino stood in the middle of the ring and made oinking noises at Vickie. I nearly fell off of my chair when I seen and heard that.

Santino sounded just like Vickie, I mean a pig. I am still laughing about it. Oink, oink, Vickie. Have fun sliding around in the pig pen and pig mess. I can see it now and that makes me laugh harder.

I can't wait for that match at Extreme Rules. Santino will probably imitate Vickie by putting on a pig snout, ears and a little curly tail. Well Vickie, good luck, you're going to need it. Oink oink for now!