Forecasting When Big Show Will Finally Face Triple H in a Match

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2013

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Big Show is headed to Survivor Series against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.  The recently "rehired" Giant demanded the title shot on the November 4 edition of Monday Night Raw, as part of his settlement with Triple H.  But while this match does make sense on many levels, the truth is that it is not quite the bout that I, for one, was expecting to happen.

I believe that the heat between Big Show and Triple H should lead to a match between the two men.  But if that does indeed take place, when could it happen?

I have to say that when the match with Show and Orton was made on Raw that it did seem to be the right move at the right time.  I happened to be in the crowd that night, and I can tell you that the vignette that repeatedly aired showing the abuse that Show had taken from The Authority was very well-received.

In fact, when it was first shown, fans were all but silent as they watched.  As one example of injustice followed another, it became very apparent that this video package was top-notch.  I believe that it was one of the best that WWE has done in a while, as it expertly tied all of the storyline's events together in a very convincing argument.

If you knew nothing about professional wrestling and saw the video, you would more than likely believe that Big Show would be in for a very big payday.  It was done that well.

So when The World's Largest Athlete put the title match on the table against Orton, it did seem like the next logical step.  After all, Triple H feels that Randy is the face of the company and is the only man who should be wearing the WWE Championship.  Big Show knows this and understands that if he takes it, Hunter's regime will be dealt another massive blow.

But while all of that does make sense and seems like the way to go, the truth is that the primary focus of this angle has been on the McMahon family and Big Show.  Orton has been something of a silent component, used whenever the situation called for it.  The rest of the time, it was usually Stephanie McMahon yelling in Show's face or Hunter threatening to fire him.

So why is The Game not the man to step up to Big Show?  Would that announcement have been received better than the WWE title match against Orton?

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Some fans may have taken one look at what happened and breathed a sigh of relief.  For them, seeing Triple H in the ring again is not at all what should happen.  Hunter does receive his fair share of criticism; much of it comes from the notion that he has always been out for himself and has no interest in putting anyone else over.

So the finish of a potential match between him and Big Show at Survivor Series would not even be in question.  The Game would walk away with the win, and Show would be no better off than he is now.

However, the way this entire angle has played out certainly seemed to be leading toward Big Show versus Triple H, not Randy Orton.  But since it was not booked for Survivor Series, then when should it happen?

If this match is meant to take place, then I believe it will happen at the TLC pay-per-view on December 15.  I think it will be booked as a result of the heat between the two men, which will increase thanks to The Authority preventing Show from beating Orton at Survivor Series.  Even though Show does deserve the title match with Randy, I feel that there is no way that the bout will go down without The Authority's presence being felt.

And even if Hunter were to send The Shield to stop Big Show that night, it does not necessarily mean that Show would be facing the trio at TLC.  The attack would add even more fuel to the fire and lead to even more animosity between The Game and The Giant.

The bottom line here for me is that if this match is not meant to happen, then the heat that exists with Big Show and Triple H must cool down.  Perhaps the introduction of Kane as WWE's Director of Operations will put enough distance between Hunter and Show that no match will be needed.  Maybe that is one of the reasons Kane was added to this angle in the first place; to give Hunter a chance to step back from the spotlight.

Despite what happens with this angle, I believe that Big Show and Triple H should face off at least once for the heat between them to be resolved.  Until that happens, the possibility of a match will always be there; whether some fans want it to be or not.