20 Top Premier League Stars and Their WAGs

Tom SunderlandFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2013

20 Top Premier League Stars and Their WAGs

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    It's a craze that began when David and Victoria Beckham became the first glamour couple of football, a tradition that would eventually transcend the spectrum of talent on the field in which even the smallest of sports couples would become known.

    We're of course talking about wives and girlfriends (WAGs), the only thing that really matters in Premier League football these days.

    Let's face it: Who cares about a pesky trophy anyway?

    In an age where everyone with a smartphone is a "journalist," the personal lives of our celebrity athletes cause more intrigue than ever.

    With that being the case, read on for a countdown of the Premier League's top 20 talents and their better halves. If there's a particularly big omission, it could be because they're simply flying solo at the moment.

    Playing experience, current form and long-term form have all factored into our reckoning of what qualifies a player to feature among the candidates, with aesthetic features not having any influence whatsoever.

1. Sergio Aguero and Karina Tejeda

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    Everything seemed so well set up for Sergio Aguero, who, until early 2013, was married to the youngest daughter of Argentina legend Diego Maradona.

    After all, what better way to get all the inside knowledge on just how one can fill the boots of your nation's greatest hero than by becoming part of the family?

    In January of this year, however, the Manchester City striker split from Giannina, with whom he has a four-year-old son, and the Daily Mail's John Drayton reported in March that the striker already had a new love interest.

    As recently as May of this year, Aguero tweeted a photo of himself and current girlfriend, Karina Tejeda, together.

    According to the Independent's Charles Reynolds, Diego Maradona reportedly isn't happy with his former son-in-law, referring to him as a "wimp."

2. Joe Hart and Kimberly Crew

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    It may not be his priority on the pitch, but at least Joe Hart has done well to score off of it.

    The Manchester City stopper is in a long-term relationship with Kimberly Crew, and it was only last month that the Daily Mail's Judy Cogan reported seeing Hart out with his girlfriend to celebrate Wayne Rooney's birthday.

    The England goaltender has not been in the most secure form for club and country of late, but at least he can rely on some stability in his personal life.

3. Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi

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    Given the transfer speculation that's floated around his signature in recent years, the one place that Luis Suarez has always been a one-club man is in his romantic life. 

    As Alex Kay of the Daily Mail tells, the Uruguayan met spouse Sofia Balbi when he was only 15 years old, during his days as a Nacional talent.

    The relationship has endured transcontinental constraints and even made Suarez come close to quitting football once, but it's come to be the thing that's kept them together in the end.

    The Liverpool striker now has two children with his childhood sweetheart. 

    See? He's not all bad.

4. Jan Vertonghen and Sophie De Vries

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    Jan Vertonghen hasn't long been a part of the Premier League fraternity, but he's quickly risen to become one of the division's finest defenders.

    The Belgian international still splits his time between London and Amsterdam, where the Guardian's David Hytner says he and girlfriend Sophie De Vries like to travel occasionally.

    The Belgian centre-back is a bit of a sucker for romance, regularly posting photos of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram.

5. Wayne and Coleen Rooney

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    Despite all the trials and tribulations of Wayne Rooney's private life, including numerous accusations of cheating on his wife (occasionally when pregnant), per the Mirror, the striker has remained with spouse Coleen since childhood.

    The Manchester United man now has two children with his long-term sweetheart, who is right up there with the Premier League's other WAG staples.

    Just this weekend, the Rooney brood was on hand to support their father at Old Trafford, per Jason Chester and Rebeca Davison of the Daily Mail.

6. Jack Wilshere and Lauren Neal

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    Jack Wilshere has wasted no time in staking his claim to the English WAG throne. Despite being just 21 years of age, he already has two children with girlfriend Lauren Neal.

    The Daily Mail's Georgina Littlejohn tells that the couple has been through their ups and downs, breaking up in the past, but they appear to be closer to a happy-family image these days.

7. Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley

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    Currently in the middle of planning their wedding, Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley will make quite the media powerhouse if the Chelsea midfielder were ever to take up a career in punditry after his playing days come to an end.

    Lampard has two children from a previous relationship, but he now appears settled with television personality Bleakley, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2009.

8. Alvaro Negredo and Clara Garcia Tapia

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    The only couple whose wedding video we could manage to get a hold of belongs to none other than Alvaro Negredo and his wife, Clara Garcia Tapia.

    The Manchester City forward has hit the Premier League ground running and can at least challenge any of the other Etihad Stadium stars in the WAG stakes.

9. Vincent and Carla Kompany

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    Another couple with some serious pulling power is the Manchester duo of Vincent and Carla Kompany.

    Manuel Pellegrini's captain couldn't have enamoured himself with the club's fans anymore than by marrying a lifelong Manchester City supporter, and Kompany now has a child with his wife, whom he married in 2011.

    Carla is a DJ and presenter in the music industry, with her hubby making regular appearances on her Twitter feed.

10. Robin and Bouchra Van Persie

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    His name is a hallowed one in the streets of Holland, so it would take a pretty special talent to tie Robin van Persie down.

    Luckily for Bouchra van Persie (maiden name Elbali), she got in there nice and early and has been with the Manchester United striker since his early days in Arsenal, perhaps even going as far back as Feyenoord.

11. Eden and Natasha Hazard

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    Eden Hazard is another who's opted to settle down early in his personal life after marrying Natasha Hazard and having two children, per the Daily Mail's Rob Draper.

    The 22-year-old had the world at his feet last summer, something which could have undoubtedly transferred into the love life of a youngster courting the interests of Europe's elite, but he ultimately opted for Chelsea.

    In a similarly straightforward manner, the Belgian international doesn't seem to be one for the party lifestyle, so it really shouldn't be a surprise that Hazard's taken himself off the market so early.


12. Mesut Ozil and Mandy Capristo

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    The biggest of Premier League stars only deserves the best of belles on his arm, so it's a good thing that German gem Mandy Capristo just happens to be a decent catch.

    The 23-year-old singer is already a star in her native country and is gradually taking British headlines by storm, such as when the couple were caught taking some London snaps in the road, reported by the Daily Mail.

    As Ozil adapts to the English top flight, his star is only set to rise, and the same can be said for the dazzling Capristo.

13. Steven and Alex Gerrard

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    Like so many other WAGs in the Premier League, Alex Gerrard (born Curran) has dabbled in modelling and fashion but is mostly famed for the arm candy she's sported for more than a decade now.

    Having met in 2002, the couple wed in 2007, having three children in that time, Lilly-Ella, Lexie and Lourdes.

    Alex Gerrard is among some of the longest-standing WAGs still within England's national setup, and she's allegedly seen as a senior figure among the wives and girlfriends.

14. Yaya and Gineba Toure

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    Like most doting wives, Yaya Toure has found that wife Gineba can sometimes be useful as the little voice saying "stop" in the back (or right in front) of one's mind.

    According to Ian Ladyman of the Daily Mail, Toure was told to take a 60-inch television back to the shop upon making a purchase after arriving in Manchester City, saying they didn't need it:

    "My wife is lovely and she does stop me doing things. She tells me I don't need things. She is right. Usually."

    Toure might be a powerhouse on the pitch, but I suppose we know who wears the trousers in his household.

15. Nemanja and Ana Vidic

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    It would take some woman to tame a player like Nemanja Vidic, one of the most physically imposing centre-backs to have commanded Premier League airways in recent history.

    So, it's only right that one of his compatriots, fellow Serbian Ana Ivanovic (no relation to the tennis player), is the woman tasked with keeping the Manchester United star grounded.

    A 2011 Daily Mail article tells that the pair married in 2005 and have three sons, ensuring that there should be successors to the Vidic throne one day.

16. Petr and Martina Cech

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    Before the Premier League had any idea of just who Petr Cech was or what a talent it was missing, Martina Cechova made sure to tie down the then-Rennes goalkeeper, not long before his move to West London.

    The goalkeeper doesn't have a Twitter account, but an Indonesian fan account posted this image in June of this year, just as Cech was celebrating his 10-year anniversary with his wife.

    The couple have two children, and Cech even revealed to the Daily Mail in 2009 that Roman Abramovich was kind enough to lend the couple his yacht after he suffered his infamous skull fracture.

17. Ryan and Stacey Giggs

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    Thirty-nine-year-old Ryan Giggs may have been caught out a few years ago after it emerged that he had more than one affair, but even then, the Daily Record's Martin Fricker reported that wife Stacey was willing to stick with him.

    Two years later, and the couple appear to have things back on track, the Daily Mail reporting on the couple's summer trip to Saint-Tropez.

    Though married in 2007, Cooke and Giggs have been together for a long time and have yet to call things a day in an effort to move past whatever controversies may have blighted recent years.

18. John and Toni Terry

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    Giggs isn't the only one whose time as a Premier League force has been hit with the odd slip in romance, either, John Terry's affair with ex-teammate Wayne Bridge's girlfriend being a very well-chronicled part of the defender's career.

    The Chelsea stalwart has been married to Toni Terry (born Poole) since 2007, and the pair celebrated the birth of twin girls in 2006.

    The Terry family, snapped by the Daily Mail while on holiday together this summer, is another to have come through their dark patches.

19. Michael and Lisa Carrick

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    Having dated since they were at school together, it's seems all too like Michael Carrick, a brilliantly understated talent for most of his career, to marry his childhood sweetheart.

    The Manchester United midfielder married Lisa (born Roughead) in 2007 and have two children together, Louise and Jacey.


20. David De Gea and Edurne

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    A superstar in her own right, Spanish pop singer Edurne may actually go on to eclipse the career of boyfriend David de Gea, regardless of how well the Manchester United stopper keeps settling in at Old Trafford.

    John Drayton of the Daily Mail recently reported how the couple celebrated De Gea's 23rd birthday together, and it appeared to work, too, as the Red Devils' No. 1 kept a clean sheet against Premier League leaders Arsenal.

    Having said that, De Gea has to be praised for bagging a girlfriend four years older than himself, especially one as beautiful as Edurne. 

    You sly dog, David.