Princeton Football Team Is Running Plays with 3 Quarterbacks

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 11, 2013

The prolific Princeton Tigers offense, now with more quarterbacks. 

Yahoo! Sports' Sam Cooper alerts us to those crazy kids from Princeton and the newfangled offense they are running at the moment. 

While other programs are worrying about depth charts, this team finds a way to integrate three separate signal-callers into some wacky plays. 

Oh, you know how much I love the silliness

The posted video features some plays the Tigers ran in their 53-20 win over Cornell on Nov. 2. The most captivating part of it all is that Princeton decides to run three quarterbacks onto the field, alternating who takes the snaps. 

Of course, the effect is discombobulating, and the Big Red has issues keeping up with who has the ball or if it will be kept or thrown clear across the field. We now have to ask some team, any team, to raise the bar and feature a play with all quarterbacks. 

If that sounds absurd, might we suggest including a play with nothing but offensive linemen? Because sometimes, success should take a backseat to comedy. 

As you see, Princeton is doing well with its beguiling quarterback trickery. As Cooper notes, the Tigers are having quite the wonderful season at the moment, enjoying a seven-game winning streak since their season-opening loss to Lehigh. 

As for their game against Cornell, the Tigers amassed 357 yards by air and 248 on the ground, utilizing a sweet three-headed monster that other teams would do well to replicate. 

While we can't guarantee victory, we can say with confidence that it will certainly make any offense far more entertaining. 


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