Does Jorge Cantu Make Sense?

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

When Jorge Cantu was a 23-year-old second baseman with the Tampa Bay Rays and hitting 28 home runs in the 2005 season (119 RBI), it was reported that Omar Minaya was enamored with the young player.

But just two years later when Minaya could have claimed him off waivers or signed him, at minimal cost, the Mets decided to pass.

After struggling for two years, Cantu has regained his 2005 form. Last year he hit 29 home runs (95 RBI) and this season he already has eight home runs (35 RBI). Overall, he has a lifetime batting average of .275 with a .462 slugging percentage.

The 27-year-old right-handed hitter came up as a second baseman, but since joining the Marlins has split his time evenly between third and first base (one game at short).

It's been reported that Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria isn't happy with his struggling team and wants "substantive change." (source MLBTR)

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports took a look at the Mets' needs and considered the possibility of the Mets picking up Cantu:

The Marlins' Jorge Cantu, who is not a free agent until after '10, is another trade possibility at first, but the Mets probably would prefer a left-handed hitter such as Johnson if they replace the left-handed Delgado. Their OPS against lefties is the best in the NL, but they rank only ninth against righties. (source Astros-need-to-be-realistic-and-start-to-rebuild">Fox Sports)