WWE Survivor Series 2013: Full Predictions for the Authority Through PPV Event

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IINovember 11, 2013

WWE Survivor Series 2013: Full Predictions for the Authority Through PPV Event

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    As the WWE rolls into Survivor Series 2013, the dark cloud cast upon the company known as The Authority is incredibly hard to ignore. Since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon decided to stop Daniel Bryan from becoming WWE Champion at all costs, they've continued adding members that rival the WWE's infamous Attitude-Era heel stable, The Corporation.

    As Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have shifted their focus from Daniel Bryan to Big Show, the Authority has picked up steam by adding a made-over Kane to the picture as the Director of Operations. 

    So, with all of the moving parts in the current Authority group, what will happen to WWE's biggest heel entity at Survivor Series? 

    Read on to find out. 

Stephanie McMahon

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    Stephanie McMahon hasn't been as involved as Triple H in the Authority angle, but she's been a part of some of its biggest moments, especially involving Big Show. When Triple H was tangled up with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, Stephanie was setting up the Big Show angle, breaking him down verbally and even forcing him to knock out a few other Superstars and even the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. 

    Unfortunately for fans of Stephanie, now that Daniel Bryan is out of the picture and Triple H and Orton have set their sights on Big Show, the daughter of WWE CEO Vince McMahon won't play much of a role at WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view. 

    PREDICTION: Stephanie will be in the background at Survivor Series, probably just to stand by her man Triple H, but she won't play much of an active role. 

Triple H

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    Triple H has been the orchestrator of the Authority since the beginning, recruiting the Shield, Randy Orton and even Kane to help promote "what's best for business." As Triple H and his crew prepare for Survivor Series, one thing is for sure; Triple H will play some sort of role at WWE's November pay-per-view. 

    After all of the dastardly deeds involving the destruction of Daniel Bryan in the last few months, Triple H has shown that he'll stop at nothing to do what's best for business. That won't stop at Survivor Series. Triple H has made it known that he doesn't want Big Show as WWE Champion and that he feels that Randy Orton is the new face of the WWE. 

    At Survivor Series, the COO will continue to push Randy Orton by protecting Orton and the WWE Championship at all costs. 

    PREDICTION: Big Show gets the upper hand at some point in the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series and, after Triple H's cronies fail to take the giant out, Triple H takes him out to give Orton a victory, setting up a Triple H vs. Big Show match down the road. 


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    Kane pledged his allegiance to the Authority a few weeks ago when he gave his mask to Stephanie McMahon. Kane would then show up to show support to Triple H and Stephanie in a suit and tie, showing off his new "corporate" look and was labeled with a new title as Director of Operations, whatever that means. 

    Kane has just recently come back to WWE television and hasn't done much since donning his new duds, but he won't stay quiet for long. Kane was a major player in the Attitude Era's "Corporation" stable, and has a lot of experience as a member of a heel group

    It's still early and rather unclear for Kane in his new role, but Survivor Series would be a great place to make his presence felt as a new member of the Authority. 

    PREDICTION: Kane gets involved in the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series, coming to Randy Orton's aid and attacking the Big Show. 

The Shield

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    The Shield has lost a little bit of its gusto since accepting a new role as Triple H's corporate lapdogs, but that doesn't change the fact that they're three of the most talented young Superstars on the WWE roster. The Shield hasn't been officially added to the card at the moment, but I think it's pretty safe to say that they'll be added eventually. 

    There are a lot of opportunities for The Shield at Survivor Series, one of the most obvious possibilities being a traditional Survivor Series Elimination match. Another possibility comes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by way of PWMania.com, which states that plans for a Roman Reigns face-turn have been fast-tracked backstage. 

    Fast-tracked all the way to Survivor Series? 

    Who knows? 

    Whatever happens, it wouldn't be a surprise for The Shield to work their way onto the card in the next couple weeks before Nov. 24 and for something to happen that'll shake things up for WWE's most dominant trio, especially with the Wyatt Family's recent increased activity. 

    PREDICTION: The Shield is put into a traditional Survivor Series elimination match as a "bad guy" team, but during the match Roman Reigns gets fed up with their dirty tactics and turns face, giving way for the Wyatt Family to take over as the biggest heel trio in the company. 

Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton will have the opportunity to defend the WWE Championship for the first time since he won it at Hell in a Cell. However, that win has a big shiny asterisk next to it after Orton got a lot of help from Triple H and special guest referee Shawn Michaels. 

    Now, after Orton ended his feud with Daniel Bryan, he has shifted his focus to Big Show and will meet the World's Largest Athlete at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship. However, while Big Show and Orton are set to go toe-to-toe at Survivor Series, it'll be anything but a fair fight. 

    Randy Orton's championship run has been brief and with a Triple H-Big Show feud set up for the near future, according to Wrestling Observer by way of PWMania.com, Orton and Big Show will most likely be a one-match series. 

    PREDICTION: Orton beats Big Show with the help of the Authority and retains the WWE Championship as Triple H and Big Show prepare for a showdown at TLC in December.