The Thin Teal Line: Jaguar's Offensive Comeback

Patsy RiveraCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - MAY 1:  Tackle Tra Thomas #72 of the Jacksonville Jaguars pushes a blocking sled May 1, 2009 at a team minicamp near Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

In 2008, the Jaguar's were struggling to find their place on the NFL playing field. With weaknesses offensively and defensively, we all knew that change was coming. If major overhauls were not put in place, Jacksonville could of went down in flames in future seasons. Head Coach Del Rio knew it was time to put a plan into action.

When Khalif Barnes was allowed to leave as a free agent, some wondered how much more the offensive line could take. Without a strong offensive line, the Jaguar's were at the mercy of the football gods. The dawning of new day surfaced when Tra Thomas was added to the lineup. As a twelve year veteran, Thomas brought a wealth of knowledge and amazing game play to the table. Perhaps this makeover would reveal an offensive line that would be unrecognizable on the playing field. As a dynamic player who leads by example, Thomas was just the right dose of medicine that the offensive line needed. Thomas played early on with the Philadelphia Eagles and made three Pro Bowls with them. Thomas boasts an impressive starting record of 165 out of 166 games in 11 seasons with the Eagles. Want to talk about power? How about the fact that Thomas set a Florida State record with a 550-pound bench press! How's that for impressive?

Now the Jaguar's offensive line looks like a powerhouse that has the experience and the skills to take the Jaguar's and catapult them into the playoff's. Joining Thomas are players like Vince Manuwai and Maurice Williams who seem to be fully recovered from last seasons injuries. Now the Jaguar's are ready to roar.