Terrelle Pryor's 2008 Big Ten Championship Ring Now for Sale

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 11, 2013

What do you get the Michigan fan who has everything?

Terrelle Pryor’s 2008 Big Ten championship ring, of course.

The ring that kicked off the NCAA investigation into Ohio State’s “Tattoo Scandal” and resulted in suspensions for Pryor and four other Buckeyes players is up for sale again.

The ring is listed on eBay by Bumpininc, according to Samer Kalaf of Deadspin. The "Buy It Now" price stands at $16,499.00.

The seller touts the ring’s authenticity, claiming to have bought it directly from Edward Rife—the tattoo parlor owner who paid Buckeyes in ink for their personal sports memorabilia.

This may be the single most famous piece of Ohio State memorabilia available! The ring was the start of the Tattoo Scandal involving former Ohio State players Terrelle Pryor, Boom Herron, Devier Posey, Mike Adams, Solomon Thomas, former coach Jim Tressel, and tattoo shop owner Ed Rife...

[The ring] was given to Rife in exchange for tattoos, although Rife contends that he purchased the ring from Pryor...this ring was the first item that [Rife] ever received from Terrelle Pryor...And the rest is history!

The seller has posted photos of the ring, including a shot of the engraved inner barrel. The engraving features the words “Sacred Brotherhood. No Regrets.”

That's irony thick enough to spread on Triscuits.

The seller also mentions the ring’s previous sales, claiming “this exact ring sold on eBay in early June for $18,100.”

The language in his claim is a bit ambiguous, but one thing seems to be certain: This ring is the real deal, and it could end up being the perfect Christmas gift for someone in Ann Arbor. Or a masochist in Columbus.

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