Canadiens-Bruins Game 5: Why the Big Deal over Carey Price?

Lisa BoychukSenior Analyst IApril 18, 2008


There seems to be a huge deal over Game 5 of the Habs and Bruins series last night (April 17, 2008).  Most people are in a big panic about what's wrong with Carey Price.  The only real problem is why everyone thinks this is the end of the world.


It's understandable that he has been one the main guys of the Habs' club. It's also understandable that he has more pressure than any other player on the team.


However, is there any NHL goaltender out there who does not have a shaky game, or let in more than one goal?? Or, for that matter, what goalie doesn't feel a little extra nerves in the post-season?? Take a look at the Detroit and Nashville matchup on Thursday night, when Dominik Hasek, a long-time veteran, was pulled from the game.


And for that matter, Price is a rookie.  One who is playing in his first ever NHL playoff series.


But it is no reason to panic.  Remember that this is the kid who led Team Canada to a World Junior Championship, and the AHL's Hamilton Bulldogs to a Calder Cup.  The Bulldogs weren't expected to make it far but Price proved the skeptics wrong.


Everyone has been comparing him to the likes of Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy, the guys who lead the Habs to the Stanley Cup in both their rookie years.  But times has changed, the NHL has changed, after all, they do call it "new."


Regardless of what everyone expects, or what the odds are in favour of, it is one loss, from one kid.  The world is not ending.  Montreal is still leading the series and can move into the Eastern Conference semi-finals with a victory on Saturday night.  So the hockey fans of this world must do what Carey Price does best: relax.