What to Expect from the Nov. 11 Edition of Raw

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistNovember 11, 2013

What to Expect from the Nov. 11 Edition of Raw

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    With Survivor Series coming around the corner, the WWE has headed off on its European tour like it usually does at this time of year. And this week's edition of Raw is from my home country, England.

    What you can always expect from an English wrestling crowd is a huge atmosphere—we really do love it when the big names come over to England!

    After "The Authority" finally got one over on the Big Show in the climax of last week's Raw, will Show retaliate this week ahead of his WWE Championship match against Randy Orton?

    And what of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? Will they continue their quest to bring down Bray Wyatt?

    Bleacher Report has all the bases covered as we look at what to expect from Monday's edition of Raw from Manchester, England.

Wade Barrett Finally Returning to TV

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    He's been conspicuous due to his lengthy absence, but Wade Barrett will finally return tonight in front of his home crowd.

    I imagine he won't return as Wade Barrett either—he'll return under the "Bad News Barrett" gimmick that creative has been building up for him to use.

    Anyone who has seen the gimmick on the "JBL and Cole Show" will hopefully agree that it has potential, and hopefully Barrett is given a fair opportunity to show what he can do both in the ring and on the mic.

    Expect a huge reaction for Barrett from the raucous English crowd and probably a victory on his return to the ring, too.

The Real Americans Continuing to Impress

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    They've been on a real roll lately, and Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger have forced their way to the head of the queue to fight Cody Rhodes and Goldust at Survivor Series.

    The Real Americans have always been a tag team with potential, and they are starting to realise that potential now with a couple of good wins to give them a big push up the ladder.

    Although they came up short in their six-man tag match last week, they will be the team that will be fighting for the belts at Survivor Series, and deservedly so.

    Expect more excitement from one of the WWE's best tag teams Monday night.

Some World Heavyweight Championship Buildup...Hopefully

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    The idea of John Cena picking up the World Heavyweight Championship was to restore some credibility to the championship that has become a secondary one in the WWE.

    Whilst that was a good idea, the only problem is that Cena hasn't exactly been promoting the belt. Stuck in six-man tag action last week, his supposed match with Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series has received no buildup whatsoever.

    Hopefully Monday night will give Cena and Del Rio—and maybe even Damien Sandow—a chance to promote the belt and put it in some sort of spotlight leading up to the pay-per-view.

Another Push for Big E Langston

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    It won't be long now until there is a championship around the waist of Big E Langston.

    He's been on an upward spiral for a few weeks now since his face turn, and his performance against Randy Orton last Monday was yet another indicator that big things are planned for the giant Langston.

    It was truly a great match and has only helped to build the momentum Langston has been getting. For some reason, his planned Intercontinental Championship match against Curtis Axel was nixed, but he will get a chance at the belt again in the near future.

    Perhaps Survivor Series could be the moment Langston claims gold? Regardless of that, Monday night will see even more impressive performances from Big E.

More Fractions Within The Shield?

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    The WWE laid the seeds of doubt that The Shield could be coming to an explosive ending two weeks ago, when Roman Reigns appeared discontent with Dean Ambrose.

    Although the members of The Shield were subdued in their role on Raw last week, the split is happening, and it will continue to be pushed. WWE even ran an article on its website this week mocking up Roman Reigns as a potential WWE champion, suggesting things could well be coming to an end.

    Expect The Shield to play a prominent role on this Monday's Raw, and expect the fractions between WWE's hottest stable to continue to become more and more evident as the weeks roll on.

    One thing is for certain, when the trio does split, it will make for some interesting career paths.

Corporate Kane to Get Heavy

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    One of the most anticipated segments of this Monday's edition of Raw is the next move of the newly repackaged Kane.

    "Corporate Kane" shocked everyone with his emergence in a suit and tie at the end of last Monday's show, but he didn't exactly play a prominent role in the segment. The angle was put in place, though, and Kane will make his next move during Monday's show in England.

    Will he get into the ring and wrestle again? Or will he use his new authority to cause more chaos in the WWE and for Big Show?

    Whatever he does, it is sure to be exciting as the WWE continues to push forward with The Authority and its newest member.

A Big Show Reaction

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    At the end of last Monday's show, Triple H finally got his revenge on Big Show after several weeks of torment.

    Show got his job back, but he also received a fierce beating from Randy Orton and The Shield to finish off the show.

    With a championship match to build up ahead of Survivor Series, it is certain that Big Show will react with style on Raw this week.

    Whether he takes his anger out on The Shield or on the COO of the company, Show will be in typically angry form Monday night as he looks to gain revenge.