The New Art Of "Scalping' Tickets, Internet Style

jayCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

TORONTO - APRIL 9:  A general view as a fans enters the turnstile before the game between Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals during their MLB game at the Rogers Centre April 9, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario.(Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

    How many times have you, a sports fan, wished you had tickets to a major league sporting event, of your favorite team of course. And, of course, the game is or has been sold out for a long time. Well, you have the option of going on-line to many different websites hosting the idea of resale tickets. But when you click on to these sites, you find that those individuals selling tickets have jacked the prices up so high, that it's virtually impossible for you to realistically afford buying their tickets.
   This morning I was listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning, and their conversation was about more and more opponents fans at your team's stadiums, and what has started this trend, of course, internet sales tickets, and people willing to sell their tickets to make some money. And actually this very topic upsets me quite a bit so i felt compelled to write an article venting about this subject.
    A couple years ago, when the Buffalo Sabres had their runs in the playoffs, right after the lockout, their tickets were a hot commodity. Every game was sold out. So if you were looking to buy tickets, you could go to,, or, and purchase tickets there. Now, being that I've been to many Sabres games, and knowing how the ticket prices were, when I started to scroll through the vast quantities of tickets for sale, i realized that re-sale tickets prices were more than double, sometimes tripled or more the face value of the ticket. So I looked at other, maybe affordable games, and the more i looked, i began to learn that the same seats were being sold at different games throughout the year, and depending on the opponent came the value of the ticket for that game. And this wasn't just a few incidents of same seats, different game.  MANY, same seats, different games were up for sale.
   So, last year, I became a season ticket holder for the Bills, and was trying to help relatives get tickets to some home games, and obviously I found that this was the same case for Bills games as well. So I decided to look up other teams on these popular websites, and of course, all the teams i looked up, Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies, Pittsburgh Penguins, to name some, all had the same situation.
   Now comes my rant.  There are laws against scalping at venues. Apparently there are no laws, or any agency that governs on-line scalping, or investigates possible ticket scalping rings. It is a immoral as a sports fan, to buy up seats that real fans may actually want, and re-sell them for profit, which many cases is an outlandish amount. 
   The arguement could be made, well if people are willing to pay these prices, then there's a market, and that's true I guess, but it is and always will be a crime to buy these tickets for the sole purpose of making a profit, and it absolutely makes me irate that people would basically rob fans their opportunity to get to watch their favorite teams/player without having give up their first born to do it. It's almost impossible for a family to enjoy games anymore, much less attend sporting events, especially in today's economy.
   I'm not saying that it's ebay's, or stub-hub or ticket-exchange's fault, they only provide a service, but somebody needs to protect the real consumers of our major sporting events, because it's getting out of control, and it's a crime.