Michigan Football: 2008-2009 Season Is a Bust??

Drake EckCorrespondent IApril 18, 2008

(got rankings of players from http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/players)

Ok here it is plain and easy.....the Michigan Wolverines are going to be a terrible team next year. If you don't think so....i will tell you exactly why I think that

*They lose Mario Manningham-Best receiver in 2008 Draft.....12 best WR overall
*They lose Jamar Adams-Hard hitting very good safety
*They lose Adrian Arrington-Very good-played fantastic in the Michigan vs Florida Bowl Game-2nd to 4th round draft pick-56 best WR overall
*They lose Shawn Crable-very good elusive LB
*They lose Mike Hart-Outstanding HB-Very Quick-Strong-Some say best Running Back in the draft-What I and others have to say is a very underrated ranking...38th best HB in NCAA
*They lose Chad Henne-Very strong arm-A pretty accurate arm-About 3rd to 9th best QB in draft-Holy crap...i was never expecting this.....95th best QB in NCAA (I do have to say he is over-rated not ranking wise but draft wise...but I doubt Michigans new QB will do better than him)
*They lose Adam Kraus-very strong-good blocker-Michigans best OG
*They lost Jake Long-At worst the 2nd best OT in the draft-very strong-Quick for and OT-Stays with his man-Gives up very few sacks
*They also lose on of there best head coaches in history..Lloyd Carr-even though Rich Rodregueze is a good coach I have to say he is no where near Lloyd Carr

There are 9 good reasons why Michigan is going to be nothing compared to last year.....and they had all those players last year and weren't as good as they usual are (they did good but just not as good as usual)...I mean they lost to Appalachian State at home...they lost to Oregon at home(worse than a lose)....they pretty much got there butts whooped by Wisconsin...and barely gave OSU anything....that's 3 games they definitely should have given a better game and 1 that they should have gotten more than 3 points

It is true they do have one of the best recruiting in the country. But I don't think a couple freshman are gonna turn a young team with a new coach into bowl contending team.