NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Full Standings Heading into Monday Night Football

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer INovember 11, 2013

Clubs perceived as contenders fell to those pegged as pretenders, shaking up Week 11's NFL power rankings.

As a result, many top teams fell as bottom teams rose.

Here are updated power rankings of the current NFL standings heading into Monday Night Football. (Last week's positions are according to Week 10’s power rankings.)

Week 11 NFL Standings
AFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC West
NE (7-2)CIN (6-4)IND (6-3)KC (9-0)
NYJ (5-4)CLE (4-5)TEN (4-5)DEN (8-1)
MIA (4-4)BAL (4-5)HOU (2-7)SD (4-5)
BUF (3-7)PIT (3-6)JAC (1-8)OAK (3-6)
NFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC West
DAL (5-5)DET (6-3)NO (7-2)SEA (9-1)
PHI (5-5)CHI (5-4)CAR (6-3)SF (6-3)
NYG (3-6)GB (5-4)ATL (2-7)ARI (5-4)
WAS (3-6)MIN (2-7)TB (0-8)STL (4-6)


32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 0-8 (LW: 32)

Tampa Bay fans celebrated as their ballclub sat and became the front-runner to draft Teddy Bridgewater. Only eight more losses to go.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-7 (LW: 31)

Distracted by its division rival, the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville took its eyes off the prize, Bridgewater. Its lapse will force Jaguars fans to root for the Buccaneers the rest of the season.


30. Houston Texans, 2-7 (LW: 29)

Houston started the season as a Super Bowl contender. Riding a seven-game losing streak, it's now the second-coldest team in the NFL.


29. Atlanta Falcons, 2-7 (LW: 26)

Atlanta feels the Texans' oh-what-could-have-been pain. Speaking of pain, Tony Gonzalez could keep Julio Jones company on the sideline according to ESPN, further draining Matt Ryan's arsenal.


28. Buffalo Bills, 3-7 (LW: 24)

Three weeks ago, Buffalo was fighting for .500. Next week, it might as well play for next year.


27. Washington Redskins, 3-6 (LW: 22)

Mike Shanahan should write a book: "How to Outgain Your Opponent by Over 120 Yards, Win the Turnover Battle, Win Time of Possession and Still Lose." Also, you know your defense is a joke when it allows Christian Ponder to finish with a passer rating of 113.1.


26. Minnesota Vikings, 2-7 (LW: 30)

Minnesota only knows how to beat teams by the score of 34-27. Any variation to either number and the Vikings fall apart in the fourth quarter.


25. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-6 (LW: 27)

Pittsburgh's defense bounced back with a vengeance against the Bills on Sunday. Now the Steelers have only allowed 65 points the past two weeks.


24. Oakland Raiders, 3-6 (LW: 23)

Oakland actually has a winning record at home, but it has the same winning percentage as Tampa Bay away. Unfortunately for the Raiders, four of their final seven games are away, and two of their home games are against the Chiefs and Broncos.


23. New York Giants, 3-6 (LW: 25)

Three weeks ago, New York was winless. Now, thanks to the Giants' pitiful division, they're a game-and-a-half out of first place in the NFC East.


22. Tennessee Titans, 4-5 (LW: 15)

It requires skill to lose your starting quarterback to a potentially season-ending injury and walk away from the game having accomplished a feat even more depressing. Tennessee did just that on Sunday, losing Jake Locker to a foot injury according to ESPN and to the Jaguars.


21. St. Louis Rams, 4-6 (LW: 28)

The Rams played possum the past three weeks, and the Colts overlooked them. St. Louis may catch a couple more teams "off guard" as well if it gives Tavon Austin more chances to score from 57 or more yards out.


20. San Diego Chargers, 4-5 (LW: 16)

The Chargers' inability to finish off the Redskins now has them riding a two-game losing streak into back-to-back away games at Miami and Kansas City. San Diego needs at least one win to keep its dwindling playoff hopes alive.


19. Miami Dolphins, 4-4 (LW: 19)

If Miami takes care of business against the Buccaneers, it would deserve to rise several spots up these rankings. If it loses, it would warrant a Titans-like fall going into Week 11.


18. Baltimore Ravens, 4-5 (LW: 21)

Baltimore almost pulled off the Choke Job of the Day, surrendering a 17-point halftime lead against the Bengals. But instead of all but solidifying the fact that their season will end in disappointment, the Ravens are now back in the playoff race.


17. Cleveland Browns, 4-5 (LW: 18)

On its bye, Cleveland watched the teams behind it in the division win and the club in front of it lose. As a result, the Browns could end up first or last in the AFC North depending on their play in the coming weeks.


16. Green Bay Packers, 5-4 (LW: 8)

Green Bay should've kept Vince Young. With Aaron Rodgers and Seneca Wallace out with injuries, it's now forced to start former undrafted free agent Scott Tolzien, who had never attempted a pass in a regular-season game until Sunday.


15. Philadelphia Eagles, 5-5 (LW: 20)

Nick Foles is a keeper. He will enter Week 11 with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 16-to-0.


14. Dallas Cowboys, 5-5 (LW: 12)

Dallas told the NFC on Sunday that if it makes the playoffs, don't worry, it'll be one-and-done. The Cowboys were embarrassed by the Saints 49-17, and they may have lost their best defensive player, Sean Lee, to a hamstring injury according to ESPN.


13. Arizona Cardinals, 5-4 (LW: 13)

Arizona has beaten each of its non-divisional opponents besides the Saints. Continuing that pattern won't get the Cardinals to the playoffs, though.


12. New York Jets, 5-4, (LW: 17)

The vast majority of the Jets' remaining games are winnable, the only tremendous challenge being a showdown at Carolina. Of course, New York has lost to the Titans and Steelers and beaten the Patriots and Saints, so its true identity has yet to be revealed.


11. Cincinnati Bengals, 6-4 (LW: 7)

Having been upset in back-to-back games on the road, it's painfully apparent that the Bengals need home-field advantage to win in the playoffs. Cincinnati won't earn that, though, because clinching home-field would require it to win regular-season games on the road.


10. Chicago Bears, 5-4 (LW: 14)

Green Bay, which the Bears just beat, is the only team remaining on their schedule with a winning record. Four losses in the past six weeks, though, make coasting to playoffs unlikely.


9. Detroit Lions, 6-3 (LW: 10)

Detroit's next two opponents have a total of three wins. It should enter Week 14 at 8-3 and primed for revenge against a battered Packers team.


8. San Francisco 49ers, 6-3 (LW: 5)

I swear I remember people crucifying Tim Tebow for running an offense like Colin Kaepernick's. San Francisco managed a measly nine points against the Panthers, proving that if an opponent slows the 49ers' rushing attack, it stops them.


7. Indianapolis Colts, 6-3 (LW: 4)

Allowing four touchdowns of 45 yards or longer isn't a recipe for success. That led to a 30-point fourth-quarter deficit, which is just a tad out of Andrew Luck's reach.


6. Carolina Panthers, 6-3 (LW: 11)

It's official. Carolina is a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

The Panthers showed that they're capable of victory even when their explosive offense has an off-day, shutting down the 49ers in a 10-9 slugfest. It will ride a five-game winning streak into a home showdown against the Patriots. If Carolina defend its turf, it will put itself in position to battle for a first-round bye—all that after starting 1-3.


5. New Orleans Saints, 7-2 (LW: 6)

New Orleans didn't hang its head over its loss last week against the Jets. Instead, the Saints took their anger out on the Cowboys, maintaining their title as the No. 1 contender to the Seahawks' NFC throne.


4. New England Patriots, 7-2 (LW: 9)

New England sat back, relaxed and watched many of those teams in front of it in the power rankings lose on its bye. Back-to-back brutal matchups against the Panthers and Broncos will either keep the Patriots on the rise or send them plummeting.


3. Kansas City Chiefs, 9-0 (LW: 3)

Kansas City finally has a chance to prove it's the best team in the NFL. The Chiefs will play the Broncos in two out of the next three weeks, showdowns that will likely decide the division title.


2. Seattle Seahawks, 9-1 (LW: 2)

Seattle will enter Week 11 with the sixth-ranked scoring offense and third-ranked scoring defense in the NFL. While they've had several close calls this season, the Seahawks have still defeated their opponents by an average margin of 10.6 points per game. They beat the Falcons at the Georgia Dome by more than that on Sunday, winning by the score of 33-10.

When on, Seattle has been the most complete team in the NFL this season. What should intimidate its opponents even more is the fact that its most explosive offensive weapon, Percy Harvin, is expected to suit up for the first time next week according to ESPN.


1. Denver Broncos, 8-1 (LW: 1)

Denver's four scoring drives against the Chargers on Sunday took a grand total of 10 minutes and 12 seconds. It fields the definition of a quick strike offense. Two-minute drill-like drives are the norm for Peyton Manning and company.

They're averaging 41.2 points per game. Manning has now thrown 33 touchdown passes and is on pace to shatter Tom Brady's single-season record of 50 in a year. He and the Broncos make winning look easy despite their imperfections.

Denver will remain the Super Bowl favorite until its opponents prove those imperfections can be consistently exploited.


David Daniels is a breaking news writer at Bleacher Report and news editor at Wade-O Radio.


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