WWE's Annual Title vs. Title Rumor Will Finally Come True

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2013

An unofficial tradition of WrestleMania season is the mandatory rumor-mongering. There's the "which star will return to the WWE" rumor mongering. There's the "will he or won't he" with Sting. 

Since Triple H was awarded the World Heavyweight Championship in September of 2002, speculation of a unification title match has been rampant around this time every year. 

This year will be no exception. But there is reason to believe the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE championship will finally come together as one. 

WWE's elimination of the brand extension format, where Raw and SmackDown were treated as separate entities with exclusive rosters, has facilitated an environment with one world championship. 

With the once-annual WWE draft now obsolete, top stars such as John Cena, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are now regularly featured on both Raw and SmackDown.  

Cena, the current World Heavyweight Champion, has made no bones about restoring value to a championship often thought of as a modern-day version of the 1980s Intercontinental title. 

Reports dictate WWE officials want the World Heavyweight Championship to be on the same level as the WWE Championship. Some expect Cena to hold the title through WrestleMania. 

If WWE's biggest star were to hold the world championship leading up to its biggest show, its value would surpass that of the WWE Championship. That value may never see a similar spike, and given the current WWE landscape, this year almost demands the need for a unification match. 

John Cena's potential opponents in a would-be WWE championship match—Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk to name a few—have a "been there, done that" stench. These matches would not be fitting of a WrestleMania XXX blockbuster.

A match to unify WWE's two major championships would pit the titles against one another just as much as the titleholders. That's where the blockbuster aspect is highlighted, with an undisputed championship adding life to stale rivalries. 

WWE's current emphasis on its World Heavyweight Championship will be directly tied to John Cena's involvement with it. 

Cena will not have the title forever, and the day he drops it, its meaning will have peaked. The World Heavyweight Championship needs to go out on top. A WrestleMania finale would give it the stage it needs to fortify its legacy. 

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