Best Plays from Andre Iguodala's Early Golden State Warriors Career

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Best Plays from Andre Iguodala's Early Golden State Warriors Career

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    Andre Iguodala has been everything that the Warriors wanted.
    Andre Iguodala has been everything that the Warriors wanted.Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

    Andre Iguodala signed with the Golden State Warriors to be their Swiss Army knife, and he has made some very memorable plays in his early Warriors career.

    He has been a force on the defensive end with his quickness, reach and anticipation. He has closed the gaps on defense, and as a result, the team has become a "juggernaut."

    On the offensive side of the ball, Iguodala has made the team more dynamic with his high assist totals and playmaking abilities. He even showed his old touch by lighting up his initial team, the Philadelphia 76ers, by making seven three-pointers and putting on a highlight show.

    With that being said, Iguodala has made some pretty spectacular plays in his early Warriors career. Let’s take a closer look at his highlight show.

Curry Finds Iguodala Sneaking to the Basket

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    Andre Iguodala demonstrates his basketball IQ in this sequence, as he will eventually get the lob from Stephen Curry for the easy slam against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    As you can see, Iguodala slowly jogs across the court and sneaks away into the corner under Kevin Martin’s watch. Once he is alone, he quietly scoots toward the hoop near the baseline.

    At that point, Curry anticipates Iguodala’s move and tosses up a ball that is easily caught by Iguodala, who finishes a beautiful play at the rim.

Lee Lobs to Iguodala

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    Stephen Curry passes the ball to David Lee at the top of the circle, and Lee starts to look for any opportunities. Andrew Bogut then rolls up to set a screen, but he creates a logjam of defenders as DeAndre Jordan and Jared Dudley both converge.

    Iguodala is drifting just beyond the activity created by Bogut, and Lee spots him near the rim. Lee then lofts a pass to the wide open Iguodala at the rim.

    Iguodala catches the ball and finishes with the monster slam.

    The Warriors lost the game, but at least Iguodala got the experience against the Warriors' primary contender for the Pacific Division title.

Andre Iguodala and David Lee Fast-Break Give-and-Go

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    On opening night in Oakland, the Warriors had the chance to beat their biggest rival, the Los Angeles Lakers, without Kobe Bryant. The Warriors took advantage of that opportunity, which included a spectacular play from Iguodala.

    The Warriors had a comfortable lead in the third quarter when Iguodala led the break. He was positioned with Lee and Klay Thompson on opposite wings.

    Iguodala chose to pass the ball to Lee with the around-the-back style. Lee grabbed the ball and returned with a touch pass to Iguodala, who finished at the hole with a layup.

Curry Alley-Oop

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    This play sets up in a hurry as Curry grabs the rebound and immediately starts to dribble up the court. Iguodala takes off in a hurry after trying to block the shot.

    Curry takes two dribbles and spots Iguodala outpacing the four Philadelphia 76ers who made it past the timeline. Curry lobs a spot-on pass that catches Iguodala in full stride, where Iguodala catches it without any extra effort and finishes at the rim.

    This was probably Iguodala’s most exciting play, until he dazzled everyone with one of his trademark passes. He put on a highlight show against the 76ers that evening.

The Pass

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    Iguodala made the highlight reel with one of the best passes in recent memory. This highlight was created by a tough pass from Thompson to Iguodala that eventually found the hands of Lee for an easy layup.

    Thompson dribbles down the court when he sees Iguodala in the corner by the baseline. Thompson tosses a decent pass, but Iguodala catches it going out of bounds and spins it around his back directly to Lee underneath the hoop for the score.

    It is pretty amazing that Iguodala reacts in midair and has the vision to see Lee underneath the hoop for the score. This play was easily the top highlight of the night and put a cap on Iguodala’s most complete game this season.

    He then goes and gets a high five from his brother, Frank, who is sitting courtside to make this Iguodala's night.

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