BCS Rankings 2013: Who's Too High, Too Low in Week 12 Standings?

Alex SimsCorrespondent IIINovember 11, 2013

BCS Rankings 2013: Who's Too High, Too Low in Week 12 Standings?

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    Several monumental Week 11 results shook up the Week 12 BCS rankings, including big wins by Baylor, Alabama and Stanford.

    However, when this week's standings were revealed Sunday evening, it was the losing teams in those games that ended up making the biggest ripples in the BCS pond.

    From the top to the bottom, the BCS rankings continue to struggle with the gleaming paper resumes of several teams being matched up with the on-field products of others.

    Should teams with pretty records be slated higher than teams that have passed the "eye test" despite falling to tough competition?

    Feel free to debate below. Until then, check out which teams are too high and too low in the Week 12 BCS rankings.

    Full Week 12 BCS Rankings

    1. Alabama
    2. Florida State
    3. Ohio State
    4. Stanford
    5. Baylor
    6. Oregon
    7. Auburn
    8. Clemson
    9. Missouri
    10. South Carolina
    11. Texas A&M
    12. Oklahoma State
    13. UCLA
    14. Fresno State
    15. Northern Illinois
    16. Michigan State
    17. Central Florida
    18. Oklahoma
    19. Arizona State
    20. Louisville
    21. LSU
    22. Wisconsin
    23. Miami (Fla.)
    24. Texas
    25. Georgia

High: Stanford

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    Week 12 Ranking: No. 4

    Stanford posted the biggest win of the week, knocking then-No. 3 Oregon out of the national title race.

    The Cardinal slid up one slot from No. 5 to No. 4, which makes sense. However, they were ranked just a bit too high to begin with. 

    Stanford should be one spot back at No. 5, and undefeated Baylor should be at No. 4. The Bears were understandably knocked for not having played any tough opponents, but they passed their first test, clobbering Oklahoma 41-12.

    In terms of quality wins, the Sooners certainly aren't as tough as the Ducks. But in terms of losses, BU has none, and Stanford fell to unranked Utah. The Utes dropped their third straight game last week, falling to Arizona State and still have just one Pac-12 win—against Stanford.

    Until Baylor loses, there is no way Stanford should come in higher than the Bears.

Low: Michigan State

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    Week 12 Ranking: No. 16

    The disrespect for Michigan State isn't new, but only more surprising this week.

    MSU had the week off in preparation for its crucial tilt with Nebraska next week and did rise up one spot in the rankings.

    However, the Spartans were also jumped by Northern Illinois and UCLA. They currently sit at 8-1, with one four-point loss to Notre Dame, and are really a product of a slow start to the season.

    Early in the year, MSU was atrocious on offense, causing it to fall off the radar of many voters. But recently, the offense has picked up in East Lansing. Meanwhile, Mark Dantonio's defense is one of the nation's best, ranking No. 1 nationally in yards allowed.

    The Spartans will have a few chances to post decent wins over Nebraska (7-2), Northwestern (4-5) and Minnesota (8-2) before the regular season is over.

High: UCLA

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    Week 12 Ranking: No. 13

    UCLA notched a narrow four-point win over unranked Arizona over the weekend. Somehow, that was enough for the Bruins to garner an astronomical six-spot jump from No. 19 to No. 13 in the BCS.

    The Bruins' two losses, to No. 4 Stanford and No. 6 Oregon, are solid. However, that win over the Wildcats is arguably their most impressive so far. And in those two losses, the Bruins were a clear cut below the Cardinal and the Ducks.

    Looking forward, the Bruins can make improvements. The UCLA running game had been suffering in recent weeks, but it might have found its answer in freshman linebacker Myles Jack.

    Jack has starred on the defensive end for UCLA all year but moved to running back against Arizona and turned in 120 yards and a touchdown on just six carries. Depending on how that situation plays out, the Bruins could finish strong and prove their No. 13 ranking.

    But right now, they don't look like the No. 13 team in America.

Low: Wisconsin

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    Week 12 Ranking: No. 22

    The Big Ten is undervalued as a whole in the BCS, which has impacted Ohio State and Michigan State as well as Wisconsin.

    The Badgers should be at 8-1, but a wild loss to Arizona State hurt their ranking very early on. After a loss to OSU, they just haven't been able to recover in the standings.

    UW is talented enough to finish out at 10-2 and earn a BCS at-large berth, but the way its ranking is playing out right now, that won't happen.

    Last week, the Badgers came in at No. 24 and crept up to No. 22 this week. However, that pace will essentially make them irrelevant at the end of the regular season.

    With just a one-possession road loss to No. 3 Ohio State and a bogus two-point loss to No. 19 Arizona State, UW should be ranked higher.

High: Oklahoma

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    Week 12 Ranking: No. 18

    Oklahoma has seven wins on the season. Of the seven teams OU has beaten, six lost last week. The only team to win was TCU, which edged a 1-8 Iowa State team.

    Meanwhile, the Sooners were outclassed by Baylor, 41-12. They made a big drop from No. 10 to No. 18, but they were too high to begin with.

    As it showed against Baylor, OU doesn't have much of an identity on offense or defense.

    The Sooners have shown the ability to run well at times but were held under 100 yards on the ground against Baylor. Defensively, OU's strength is against the pass, but its secondary isn't enough to make up for its porous run defense. The Sooners were gouged for 182 yards by Baylor's third-string running back on Thursday.

    OU isn't a bad team, but it shouldn't be ranked ahead of several teams at the back of the rankings.

Low: LSU

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    Week 12 Ranking: No. 21

    It sure is rough out there—just ask LSU.

    The Tigers fell eight spots in the BCS rankings after losing on the road to the No. 1 team in the nation.

    This is another case of a team being slighted because of its record rather than being rewarded for how talented it actually is.

    All three of LSU's losses have come inside its conference and on the road. Two of them came to quality teams by just three points, and the third came against the two-time defending national champion.

    LSU is ranked higher than any other three-loss team, but it should also come in ahead of several one-loss and two-loss teams—and perhaps even ahead of undefeated squads Northern Illinois and Fresno State.

    No matter what the rankings say, there isn't a single small-conference club that could match up with LSU for four quarters.