Russell Westbrook and Nene Exchange Shoves, Get Ejected

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistNovember 10, 2013

Russell Westbrook and Nene mixed it up with just over three minutes remaining in the contest between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards on Sunday, resulting in early exits for both players.

Washington held a 92-82 advantage when Westbrook plowed into Al Harrington on a drive, picking up a charge. As Westbrook, still upright, was trying to disentangle his legs from the toppled Harrington's, the 6'11" Nene gave OKC's point guard a shove that sent him sprawling.

As you'd expect, the fiery Westbrook hopped to his feet and hit Nene back with a two-handed shove.

The big man staggered back a half-step, then leveled an incredulous look at Westbrook, as if to ask, "Do you really think that was a great idea?"

Things got testier as teammates intervened, and both Westbrook and Nene were subsequently issued technical fouls. Because each of them had earned a tech earlier in the contest, they both headed to the locker room.

OKC responded better than Washington did after the scrum, erasing the 10-point deficit to force overtime. You'll never guess who put the exclamation point on a masterful late-game run in regulation.

From there, the Thunder clamped down on defense, forcing Washington air balls on consecutive overtime possessions as Durant led his team to the come-from-behind, 106-105 win.