Fantasy NBA Awards: From MVP to the Ramon Sessions Award

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Fantasy NBA Awards: From MVP to the Ramon Sessions Award

Although my fantasy team suffered a drastic collapse after holding the top spot all year, I was able to salvage the season with a win in the third-place game.  This was a great year for some in the fantasy NBA world, and a horrible one for others.

Teams collapsed after seeing their star players get hurt, and others flourished with great drafts and even better midseason waiver-wire pick ups. So here are some common and not-so-common awards for this year in fantasy basketball.

All-Fantasy 1st Team

PG: Chris Paul - Hornets

SG: Kobe Bryant - Lakers

SF: LeBron James - Cavaliers

PF: Amare Stoudemire - Suns

C: Marcus Camby - Nuggets

No real surprises here, aside from perennial fantasy studs Kevin Garnett and Shawn Marion not making the team. I decided to put Amare at the PF position over Garnett because he put up better stats. Amare had 650 more points and 64 more blocks, and in a roto league that is a huge difference.

Fantasy 2nd Team

PG: Baron Davis - Warriors

SG: Allen Iverson - Nuggets

SF: Jason Richardson - Bobcats

PF: Kevin Garnett - Celtics

C: Carlos Boozer - Jazz

Defensive 1st Team

PG: Baron Davis - Warriors

SG: Andre Iguodala - 76ers

SF: Josh Smith - Hawks

PF: Al Jefferson - Timberwolves

C: Marcus Camby - Nuggets

Jefferson really does not get enough credit. The man pulled down more rebounds than any other PF-eligible player, although his rebound and steal numbers weren't that great, they were both good, and I feel good about myself mentioning the Wolves when no one else does.

MVP: Chris Paul, PG, Hornets.  It is not very often that the fantasy MVP is actually a candidate for the real MVP, but this year Chris Paul may take both cakes. Paul averaged 21.1 points, 4 rebounds, 11.6 assists, and 2.7 steals. I think even more surprising is that he averaged only 2.5 assists per game, where on average all the other top PG's average 3 plus. Over a season that really adds up. Paul really put a great season, and I guess Paul won't being doing Stuart Scott's dry cleaning any more.

Defensive MVP: Josh Smith, G/F, Hawks.This could have easily gone to Marcus Camby, who put up only eight more blocks on the season, but he had 39 less steals. Oh yeah, Smith is eligible at the SG position. How can you say no to that?

Rookie Of the Year: Jamario Moon, SF, Raptors. He put up numbers in every category. Most impressively, he only turned the ball over 51 times. I could have gone with the sexy pick in Durant, who scored 1,000 more points than Moon, but he also had 181 more turnovers. I will take the player that helps me out in all stat categories than one who hurts me in one.

Waiver Wire MVP: DeShawn Stevenson, SG, Wizards.Stevenson would play so well that you couldn't help but pick him up. Then, in the first game he plays on your team, he goes 1-for-6 from the field in 40 minutes. So, you have no choice but to drop him, and the cycle continues. You finally you don't care if he drops 33. You learned your lesson, and now he is someone else's problem.

Most Devastating Injury: Yao Ming, C, Rockets - You could easily give this award to Gilbert Arenas, who went in the first round in most drafts and was supposed to have a great contract year.  If you had Yao, on the other hand, when he went down you went from the best center in the league to having to pick between Dikembe Mutombo, Andray Blatche, Nazr Muhammed, and Darko Milicic. Just writing that hurts.

From Waivers to Saviors: (tie) David West, PF, Hornets and Jose Calderon, PG, Raptors.
West went undrafted and is now one of the premier PF's in the league, and Calderon was TJ Ford's unknown backup and is now in the top five at PG.

The Breakout Season That Never Happened Award: Luol Deng, F, Bulls.- Does everyone know the Bulls refused to give up Deng for both KG and Kobe? Unfortunately, you can't go back in time and talk some sense into John Paxson to tell him Deng is just going to be average. Really, this could be a team award, going from beating the defending champs in the first round last year to lottery team this year.

The Ramon Sessions Award - Ramon Sessions, G, Bucks - This award is being named after Sessions for his 24-assist game against the Bulls. From April 9-16, he averaged 15 assists a game over 5 games. I guess the award is for most surprising stat line coming from the most surprising place. Ramon Sessions, you will always be remembered.

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