The Chicago Cubs: Will We Ever Win?

Bryce BedingerContributor IMay 26, 2009

Last Year, the Chicago Cubs were one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. But all hopes of winning (or going) to the World Series faded after the Dodgers crushed the Cubs in the Playoffs.

This year, the Cubs are currently 21-22. After last night's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, I'm starting to wonder how the Cubs were ever the best team in the league last year.

We as Cubs fans strive for better days at Wrigley Field, and we never give up hope for once again winning the World Series.

The Cubs need to find that strength and talent they once showed us last year, and get out of the current eight game losing streak.

But in Chicago's defense, it isn't exactly exhilerating knowing that the sinking of the Titanic is more recent than a Cubs World Series win.

It almost seems like the Cubs are cursed. We all remember the incident of Steve Bartman, where he tried to catch a foul ball, costing the Cubs a World Series trip. It was the only time the Cubs ever even sniffed the World Series since our win over 100 years ago. But maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

It might seem unlikely, but I'm pulling for the Cubs. I'll be going to this week's game against the Dodgers at Wrigley Field. The odds are against them, but I won't give up hope of singing "Go Cubs Go!" with 40,000 Cubs fans; the thought gets me excited.

And who knows? It's not ridiculous to think the Cubs can beat the Dodgers, weirder things have happened! Plus, this slump can't last forever!