Paul Finebaum Would Put His Entire Career on Nick Saban Not Leaving for Texas

Sebastian Lena@SP7988Analyst INovember 9, 2013

According to Finebaum, Saban isn't leaving Tuscaloosa anytime soon.
According to Finebaum, Saban isn't leaving Tuscaloosa anytime soon.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Don’t worry, Alabama fans, head coach Nick Saban isn’t leaving Tuscaloosa anytime soon.

At least, that’s according to the beliefs of ESPN radio host Paul Finebaum, via the Dallas Morning News’ Chris Hummer:

I’ve covered a lot of stories in my career, but I will say that this is the most manufactured, fabricated, idiotic and insane story I’ve ever covered...It really drives me crazy on the air trying to say he’s not going there. I cannot guarantee that Saban will stay at Alabama. He may retire. He may go do something else.

But — I probably shouldn’t be doing this — I will put my entire career and what little money I have to say that he is not going to the University of Texas.

Finebaum’s comments come in response to recent rumors that Saban might consider making the move to Austin.

The firestorm was sparked by a report released by The Associated Press earlier in the week, detailing a 45-minute conversation had by Jimmy Sexton, Saban’s agent, with former Texas regent Tom Hicks and current regent Wallace Hall. It was a conversation where Sexton confirmed that Saban would only consider leaving Alabama for Texas.

Finebaum goes on to say that anybody who believes the report has “no idea what they’re talking about”:

I feel like it’s based on years in journalism of watching stories unfold and also years of knowing Nick Saban and thinking I know how he rolls. This just would not be in his wheelhouse...If the Jets or some NFL club came to him, I could understand a challenge like that. But this is not even a challenge. I mean, Texas is not as good a job as Alabama.

It’s not like he’s lying.

When thinking of a successful college football program, you’d be hard-pressed not to think of Alabama. The school has 14 national championships, 59 appearances in bowl games and has spent 68 weeks atop the AP Poll.

In comparison, Texas has just four national championships, 51 bowl game appearances and 45 weeks atop the AP Poll.

Everything might be bigger in Texas, but nobody wins quite like Alabama.


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