5 Most Overrated and Underrated Big Men from the 2013-14 NBA Season

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5 Most Overrated and Underrated Big Men from the 2013-14 NBA Season
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Even though we have a solid idea of how good most NBA players are, the dreaded "overrated" and more acceptable "underrated" tags still apply to some. 

Players change each and every year. That's an inevitable truth in a league that features a lengthy offseason and plenty of time to improve or decline during the season without appearing on national television. 

New moves are added to arsenals. Steps become slower. Effort and concentration levels change. 

And with those changes, the overall evaluation has to shift as well. But it doesn't always happen that easily, so in this article, I'll be breaking down specific portions of players' games and seeing how they compare to the public perception.

Take Brook Lopez, for example. 

The Brooklyn Nets center is commonly viewed as a terrific offensive center, a terrible rebounder and a mediocre (at best) defender. Is that still true? 

If his offense isn't as good as it's thought to be, he'd be overrated. If he's been a surprisingly competent rebounder or a solid defender, the opposite would be true. I won't spoil it quite yet for you, though. 

It's also possible to be considered one of the best players in the league and still be underrated. On the flip side, an overrated player can still be a favorite for an All-Star spot.

Finally, I'd also be remiss in my responsibilities if I failed to deliver the standard small-sample-size warning, as we're working with rather limited data from only a handful of games. 

At the heart of this analysis, context matters. So pay close attention, because this whole exercise is designed to challenge what you think you know about these 10 big men. 


Note: All data, unless otherwise indicated, comes from NBA.com's SportVU database

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