Tootoo Intentionally Steps on Draper, and I'm Not Suprised

Delete AccountCorrespondent IApril 18, 2008

While watching game four of the Nashville Predators-Detroit Redwings series Wednesday night, there was a moment where I sat in awe at what had just happened.

I could not believe what I had just seen, and I could not believe that there was no call on the play.

That moment was when Jordin Tootoo intentionally stepped on Kris Draper's back while Draper lay on the ice.

Tootoo had just gotten hit, and as usual he let his temper get the best of him. He saw the puck on the other side of Draper, and, unlike most players, Tootoo chose not to go around or over Draper, but to step right on his back to get to the puck.

I was amazed at what had happened, but the announcers did not say anything, and the referees did not make any call. Draper did not even seem phased by it. I didn't think you could intentionally step on someone, but nobody said anything about it.

At least not until Draper saw a tape of what happened. 

After the game, Draper came out and said Tootoo intentionally stepped on his back. He didn't realize on the ice what had happened, but after the game it was brought to his attention. I found this article about what Draper had to say. 

In the article, Tootoo said he would never do something like that because he is a "stand-up guy."

I say bullshit.

Tootoo is anything but a "stand-up guy" on the ice. He is constantly taking runs at people, checking illegally, and he even finds time for a sucker punch now and again. 

It did not surprise me at all to see Tootoo intentionally step on someone, but it did surprise me that nothing was done about it.

Earlier this year Chris Pronger got an eight-game suspension for intentionally stepping on someone, but I guess the same rules don't apply to Jordin Tootoo.

Since the NHL is obviously going to let this crap slide, it's time for McCarty to step up and end the bullshit. 

Now that this incident with Draper has been called out, Tootoo will have to try even harder than before to stay away from Darren McCarty. We all remember what happened last time someone took a cheap shot at Kris Draper. 

Tootoo has been trying hard in this series to stay away from McCarty, running to the bench whenever both are on the ice together. I'm really hoping Tootoo finally stops running to receive the beating that he is due.

A lot of people claim that Jordin Tootoo is the kind of player that you only like when he's on your team. I can confidently say that I would still hate him if he played for my team.

I like players who play hockey without intentionally trying to injure other players.