Non-Wrestling People In Management = a Formula For Failure

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

We all have seen it throughout history....Non-wrestling people will somehow always end up getting involved in wrestling companies and almost inevitably lead to that companies failure. It is a sad display that happens all too frequently and we all have to suffer for it.

Let's take a brief look at how Non-wrestling people are damaging the wrestling world.

That being said I am referring to having the non-wrestling people being involved in management not celebrity involvement as that is something when done right can actually contribute.




NWA, once recognized as a wrestling mega-company with top-notch companies such as WCW under its ownership, now based mostly on small Indy circuit companies, but how? Well please reference the title of this article to discover the question is actually who?

Jim Herd, saying that name even now leaves a bitter and terrible taste in my mouth, is the best example of an idiot. The man led to the absolute and total death of the NWA and the near death of WCW, who he worked for, and the success of the WWE in 1992.

He sought to compete with the WWE, but I feel Ric Flair said it best when he stated "Herd knew nothing about wrestling, other than the fact that the station he ran had a hot show."

He came up with a number of stupid gimmicks that thank the wrestling gods were never seen by wrestling fans. One of which really sticks out is The Hunchbacks, the gimmick involved them not being able to be pinned because of their hunched backs.  Talk about thrilling television, huh?

My favorite idea of his, just because thinking about it and how damn stupid it is makes me laugh, was to have Flair shave his head and adopt a roman gladiator gimmick under the name Spartacus.

The idea didn't sit well with Flair to say the least and thankfully never happened to my knowledge. Kevin Sullivan, who was part of the booking committee, stated, "After we change Flair's gimmick, why don't we go to Yankee Stadium and change Babe Ruth's uniform number?"


WCW was once on the verge of putting the now wrestling mega-company, WWE, out of business. Many people place blame on other key factors and don't get me wrong they all contributed to some degree, but I can see a lot of the blame falling on the brain- dead management of people who thought they understood wrestling because they watched it on TV in charge. 

In the above case it was Turner Broadcasting.

But who exactly were the morons that killed WCW? Well we all know them quite well especially if we have Digital Cable.

The people responsible for the management that killed WCW were none other than Time Warner.

Time Warner, who bought Turner Broadcasting and as a result got WCW, severly limited what Eric Bischoff could do with WCW and placed a number of in competent morons ahead of him in the company.

While WCW was rapidly declining against "WWF attitude", Time Warner ordered that WCW be made more family-friendly.

It was common knowledge that many high up WCW "executives" hated having wrestling on their network and even Bischoff himself believes that the restrictions placed on WCW were done solely to increase the demise of the program and the company overall.



Now I imagine at this point almost every reader is saying how the hell is WWE suffering from non-wresting people being in management?

Well I am so glad you asked.

Its called storyline writing; arguably the most important thing in wrestling next to the wrestlers themselves.

Let me be blunt with you.  In the last two and a half years, WWE story lines have sucked.....god have they sucked. Apart from the occasional golden storyline that keeps us interested for two to three months, but ends up being dragged on way too long, the stories are largely dry, predictable, poorly-done or unbelievable.

Why is this so? Well a great deal of the writers are movie script writers, so logically speaking the drama of a movie keeps us watching it, but the storyline of a movie is also only an hour and a half long.  Now try translating that hour and a half to two months.

Got a problem with the way ECW is run? Go see Ed Koskey.  Got a problem with Raw? Look up Brian Gewritz.  Think you can write a better Smackdown? Well have a conversation with Christopher Dejoseph (Big Dick Johnson).

Yeah you can probably see our problem here. Largely I don't even know who the hell these people are, so I'm definitely going to assume they are not wrestling people, or weren't before WWE made them head writers anyway.

What I want to know is which one of these guys is responsible for making me have to sit through the Santina Marella story?

Now don't get wrong I'm not trying to slander creativity but really?  A movie writer? Movies are already becoming the same old thing over and over.  We don 't need that to happen to Wrestling as well.


Now this is another one that a lot of people might be saying WHAT? Jeff Jarrett was a wrestler before he started TNA.

Well I'm not talking about him. Only one name comes to mind when I say non-wrestling person too involved in TNA and that is the current TNA president Dixie Carter.

Now I have no problems with this woman personally and I likely never will. She saved TNA from bankruptcy and is likely the only reason it's still around, financially speaking of course.

I will also state that she is a good business woman and thanks to her many people can watch TNA on Spike, which makes me using her pic for the article ironic because she has done at least some good.

Now that I have covered the positive, I will cover a problem I have covered a couple of times when I talked about her already. She HIRED Vince Russo, but that is not the worst part.  She thinks he is a GOOD booker. 

All I can say is this, apart from Time Warner, Vince Russo is partially responsible for killing WCW.  Enough said.

He is also very poor with developing Talent (*coughs*AJ styles and Samoa Joe*coughs*) and I'd bet my life that he is responsible for the M.E.M.

All I ask is that Ms. Carter please stick to the business side of TNA and leave booking to Jarrett.

Non-wrestling personalities have become far too involved in wrestling and we have felt the effects as wrestling fans.

The crap we have to put up with sometimes is unbearable and I think that if Wrestling personalites were put in booking positions, we would be alot better off , but I'm not saying that they are perfect and there are a couple of names that I think should not have a say in anything except being a wrestler, but the damage non-wrestling personalities have caused is expansive and needs to be repaired soon lest the two Main companies today be destined to fail.


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