Melody Makers: 10 Footballers Who Are Closet Musicians

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2013

Melody Makers: 10 Footballers Who Are Closet Musicians

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    For some footballers, being really well paid to be really good at kicking a ball isn't enough.

    They need an outlet to satisfy their artistic creativity, which is why many turn to the world of music.

    Here, B/R lists 10 players you may or may not realise have musical skills.

    We kick off with the Chelsea goalkeeper who likes to get behind a kit and hit some sticks when he isn't wearing a kit while guarding the sticks... 

Petr Cech

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    Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech recently revealed an unlikely friendship with Queen drummer Roger Taylor, formed when the pair met on a flight and bonded over a mutual love of percussion.

    The Czech shot-stopper occasionally bangs the drums in a band called Eddie Stoilow, but he probably shouldn't give up the day job. 

John Barnes

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    We all knew that former Liverpool winger had lyrical skills when he spat on the mic during "World in Motion."

    At Mark Wright's 50th birthday party during the summer, however, Barnesy showed his impressive skills with a perfect rendition of "Rapper's Delight."

Alexi Lalas

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    Former MLS star Alexi Lalas' talents didn't end with football and facial-hair growth—he was also quite the musician.

    He opened for Hootie and the Blowfish on their European tour and put out three albums, one of which was titled "Ginger."

Paul Gascoigne

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    During his early '90s pomp, Paul Gascoigne did what any self-respecting professional footballer would do: He released a hit single.

    In "Fog of the Tyne," he rapped about sausage rolls and inferred that Geordies are better than folks from London. It got to No. 2 in the charts.

    The current top comment on this YouTube video reads: "Why is there a frog in the dinosaur mine?"

Slaven Bilic

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    Former West Ham defender and current Besiktas manager Slaven Bilic is a huge rock music fan and is the rhythm guitarist of Croatian hard rock band Rawbau. 

    The song above, entitled "Vatreno Ludilo" ("Fiery Madness"), was recorded for Croatia's Euro 2008 campaign. You know, the one where he was manager and helped England stay at home for the tournament? Yes, that one. 

Christian Dailly

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    Bilic isn't the only former Hammer to delve into the music business.

    Scottish centre-back Christian Dailly is the lead singer in a band called Hooligan, who are so unpopular that none of their music appears to exist online. 

Gareth Ainsworth

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    Cult hero midfielder and current Wycombe manager Gareth Ainsworth was once in a band called "Dog Chewed the Handle." 

    Here he is doing some U2 karaoke, passing for a very convincing '80s Bono. 

Paul McGregor

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    Paul McGregor was once a Premier League striker at Nottingham Forest but is now the lead singer in a London punk band called Ulterior. He operates under the stage name "Honey."

    While at Forest, McGregor also sang with an unsuccessful indie band called Merc, earning him the title of the "Britpop Footballer."

Andy Cole

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    Andy (sorry, "Andrew") Cole was clearly not content with the adulation from Manchester United fans during his strike partnership with Dwight Yorke, so in 1999 he released his first single. It was also his last. 

    "Outstanding" was an update of The Gap Band's 1982 hit. It failed to break the Top 40.

Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle

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    Of course, we have saved the best until last.

    In 1987, shortly before he jetted off to play in Monaco, Glenn Hoddle released "Diamond Lights" with his Tottenham teammate Chris Waddle. 

    It reached No. 12 in the charts, probably because of that superb Van Halen-esque guitar solo. 


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