Fighters Break Down Who Hits the Hardest in the UFC

Duane FinleyContributor INovember 7, 2013

Every time fighters step into the cage, the possibility of a knockout is right there with them. Whether they're the ones doing the settling or being the recipient of a shot that leaves them lying on their back looking up at the bright lights, their night can end in a moment's notice. 

Athletes at the highest level of MMA have all the tools necessary to deal with the opposition. While some fighters may carry more pop in their punches than others, the limited padding of a 4-oz. glove is the great equalizer, making all fighters susceptible to having their lights shut off.

Fighters who aren't named Roy Nelson, that is.

Yet, while small gloves make every clean shot risky business, some fighters carry such a nasty wallop in the business they throw that they give their opponents nightmares.

That said, mixed martial arts is a complex game with many different facets, and just being able to launch heavy leather isn't enough to land a fighter on top of the sport. But while knockout ability may not guarantee championships, the home run hitters of MMA certainly provide entertainment for their passionate fanbase.

These fighters are cut from a different mold. They possess a natural ability to hit with bad intentions—even in the typically safe environment of the gym. Whether on the grand stage of the UFC or behind closed doors of a training session, these fighters just can't help their brick-heavy hands.

Bleacher Report caught up with a collection of UFC fighters to get their take on whom they believe is the hardest hitter in MMA.