When Dolphins Attack: Wildcat To Become WildPat

George KaspriskeContributor IMay 26, 2009

The Dolphins' playbook in 2009-10 will have some new wrinkles added to it.

The biggest addition should come from QB Pat White, taken in the second round of April's NFL draft primarily to be used a new weapon in Miami's wildcat (now WildPat?) formation.

While running back Ronnie Brown did throw a touchdown pass against New England last season, White will provide a consistent threat to throw down field in addition to running the option. White could also line up wide to streak down the sideline, or run a reverse as Ricky Williams occasionally did last year.

The drafting of two big receivers as well as the addition of Jake Grove at center figure to give the Dolphins some more punch and consistency in their base offense, allowing them to wear down opposing defenses and close out games in the fourth quarter.

Defensively, the two corners drafted should provide the physicality to shut opposing receivers down in man coverage. This will work hand-in-hand with the pass rush, as Jason Taylor has returned to the fold to provide a dual threat along with 2008 sack leader Joey Porter. The defense should be able to blitz more effectively without the worry of getting burned on deep passes.

With the coaching staff returning intact, last season may have provided only a small glimpse of the innovative and exciting plays to come.