Triple H vs. Big Show Is Terrible for Business

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2013

Triple H and Big Show got to close out Monday’s Raw. At first glance, it may feel like a rerun from long ago.

But it’s actually a lot worse than that.

For longtime fans, remember the Nacho Man vs. The Huckster skits that aired on WWF in the mid-90s? These were designed to take a stab at WCW for “stealing” its talent and showcasing older wrestlers.

You see, WWF was in the midst of a youth movement then. Why would anyone want to watch those old guys hogging the spotlight?

Those skits aired in 1995. At that time, Hulk Hogan and Savage were each 42.

The Big Show is currently 41 and Triple H is 44.

Combined, they are actually older than the two men that the WWF made fun of for being old so long ago. The same man is still in charge of the company. So what possible excuse is there for this being the top feud in 2013?

The last few pay-per-view main events featured Daniel Bryan taking on Randy Orton. However, these didn't feel like big matches because we were constantly reminded that Bryan was a B+ player. It was a focal point of the feud.

But in what possible category can you give The Big Show even a B+? Wrestling skills? Absolutely not. Promo Ability? Nope. Drawing power? No way.

A B+ on whose grade scale?
A B+ on whose grade scale?

Well, he is big. I guess he gets an A+ for that. That's the one factor that WWE seems to care about. He's not short and dwarfish looking like that last guy.

In his entire career, Show has never received the crowd reaction that Bryan was getting for his “yes” chant. He’s never had a passionate following like CM Punk does. He’s never sold merchandise anywhere near John Cena's level, and he doesn’t have a career of legendary matches like The Undertaker.

Yet for some reason, Big Show is a big enough name for Triple H to fight. Not that Daniel Bryan guy. He’s too short and weird looking. He's not even worth the one-match burial like CM Punk received a couple of years ago.

But Big Show? Time for another round!

And yes, it is another round. None of them were very good the first time, but that's not stopping the company from trying again:

- In 2010, The Big Show and Miz feuded with D-Generation X.

- In 2009, Big Show and Chris Jericho feuded with D-Generation X.

- In 2006, The Big Show joined up with Vince and Shane McMahon to battle Triple H and Shawn Michaels. The two also battled one-one-one at New Year’s Revolution 2006.

- In 2000, on the Jan. 3 edition of Raw, HHH defeated Big Show for the WWF Title.

- In 1999, Big Show won his first WWF title at Survivor Series against HHH and The Rock.

Yep, it wasn't that good then either.
Yep, it wasn't that good then either.

That’s right. We go back 14 years for the initial Big Show vs. Triple H feud. This isn’t a feud that needs to be relived in any form, like say, Steve Austin vs. The Rock. These are two guys who never were “the man,"  like say, I don’t know, a Chris Jericho, an Edge or a Rob Van Dam.

It feels like WWE gave up on Daniel Bryan as a top star. Not that he was ever given a fair chance. After a potential career-making moment at SummerSlam, WWE pulled the rug from under him and shone the spotlight on HHH.

Some fans told us to wait for the payoff. This would all make sense in the end. Well, we're still waiting.

Since SummerSlam, Bryan was degraded and beat down time and time again. He was stripped of the title and mocked by every person in management. He was screwed constantly and never got a fair shot at the title. It was given to Big Show instead.

The entire roster has suffered because of The Authority storyline. They've all been exposed as corporate yes-men who are afraid of losing their jobs. They don't stand up for what's right. They'll stand on the entranceway as Hunter tears them down and beats up their coworkers.

Bryan was one of the lone true good guys. But during this time, WWE shows never revolved around him. It was all about The Game and nonsensical lawsuits. 

No wonder Bryan's crowd reactions have started to die down. No wonder ratings are lousy.

Sure, technically Randy Orton is facing The Big Show at Survivor Series. But he's just a placeholder for Triple H. The top feud in the company is a man who will punch a 67-year-old in the face and the man whose wife told him to.

Right now it feels like WWE is the huckster, but fans just aren't buying what it's selling.