Report: Further Complaints About New Diva's Push

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Report: Further Complaints About New Diva's Push
Eva Marie, getting a big push right now.

It appears that people in WWE continue to be greatly dismayed about Eva Marie's big push, with her lack of wrestling ability again being criticized. 

Likely due to her stunning looks and mainstream appeal, the company is clearly setting up the former model as the new poster girl.

The 29-year-old has been hyped heavily as the lead villain of WWE's E! reality show Total Divas. "It's like the minute she dyed her hair red, she turned evil!" Nikki Bella hilariously proclaims at one point during the new trailer for season 2. 

Eva Marie, looking great.

She also managed to pick up her first wrestling victory on Monday's Raw, which was impressive considering she barely did anything.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, many people in WWE are still scratching their heads about why Eva Marie is receiving so much in-ring time: "Every time she works, I'll hear from someone in the company saying how is she on TV when Paige and Emma are in NXT."

He also mentions: "One person working at NXT made a comment to us about Natalie Nelson (Eva Marie), saying, 'Eva has a real nice body, that's all I can say nice about her.'"

Of course, some of these criticisms are valid.

Eva Marie dresses up for Halloween.

British wrestler Paige, widely considered to be one of the most all-around talented female performers the company has ever had under contract, languishing in developmental while Eva Marie picks up victories on Raw is absurd.   

However, it's difficult not to feel some sympathy for the star.

After all, she's not the one booking herself on Raw week after week. Nor is she the first woman to be pushed in WWE due to her attractiveness.

But she continues to be slammed in the industry, for no tangible reason.

Eva Marie, lead heel on "Total Divas."

One report amusingly claimed that many people in WWE disliked the girl without even meeting her solely because she comes off as catty and mean on Total Divas. You know, the show that everyone knows is 100 percent scripted and not at all real.    

Can Eva Marie be a star in WWE?

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Eva Marie probably won't ever be a great wrestler. She may not even be the next Sable or Sunny like WWE hopes.

But it would be nice if some people in the company at least gave her a chance, instead of dismissing her right away simply because of her modelling background and unlikable on-screen character.

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