HS Running Back Runs Around Opponents for 30 Seconds Before Scoring Touchdown

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There just has to be an easier way to score a touchdown. 

Yahoo! Sports' Cameron Smith (h/t Deadspin) spotted this video of Mount Pleasant High's (Providence, R.I.) Randolph Zleh running for one of the more exhausting touchdowns we have ever seen. 

Providence Journal's John Gillooly has a full report on the game against East Greenwich High and has this to say about the final play of the first half:

With Mount Pleasant holding a substantial, but far from comfortable 14-0 lead and three seconds on the clock, Zleh took a short pass just over the line of scrimmage on the Kilties’ 32-yard line.

As Zleh started heading up the middle of the field, the clock had expired, but Zleh wasn’t finished. He encountered a couple of East Greenwich defenders at midfield, but he cut to the right and past a few defenders while going down the right sideline.

From there, Gillooly describes the grace and grandeur displayed in the video above. Really, he could have written that Zleh made his opponents look like a mad pack of Stooges and been done with it. 

The run encompasses a reported 30 seconds, about 27 seconds of which came after the clock expired. 

By the end of the game, Mount Pleasant had won 46-0 and Zleh found the end zone four times, which is remarkable only if you missed the video of him carving up the field like a pumpkin. 

Coach Paul Rao exclaimed, via Gillooly, "You never know what he is going to do when he has the football." To which we have to say: Those are the best kinds of athletes. 

Keep in mind that the video above was posted in late October and is just now beginning to get the attention it deserves. 

We come across a bevy of prep pizazz around the Internet, but this is as close as we will ever come to an athlete going full video game on an opponent. 

This is the kind of run that would put a smile on my face for days had I dropped it on one of my friends in Madden. Zleh just did this in real life. 

Oh, you can try to tackle this running back, but you will fail miserably. 

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