NFL Playoffs: A Fan's Opinions

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IOctober 12, 2016

I know that the playoffs were exciting this year by having the Pittsburgh Steelers win their sixth Superbowl Title, but I think the NFL playoff system needs to make a minor change.

The number of teams that are in the playoffs are 12. This includes six from each conference, four of which are division winners in each conference, and two wild card spots.

I think the number needs to go up to 14 or 16 because it would give more teams the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

Take an example of the 2008 season in the AFC East. Both the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots finished with 11-5 records. Miami was able to play; New England was not. Yet, in that same season, you had a team that finished 8-8 that won their division, and San Diego Chargers of the AFC West and was able to play in the playoffs.

I know that there have been some talk about having the wild card teams host the division winners if their records were better than the divisional winners. I do not think that's a good idea because the teams who win their division should have the right to host a first round playoff game.