MsChif: Your Soul's Tormentor

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest and most under acknowledged female talents within the independent scene is MsChif.

The mysterious gimmick that is MsChif sees Rachel Donaldson take on an eerie and disturbing persona. However, as well as the mysterious elements, there is also a light-hearted side to MsChif, the screaming before the match which causes her opponents to run and hide brings a great comedic edge to her matches.

This gimmick has played a pivotal role in her career as it brings a lot to the table in terms of match structure. What I mean by this is that she can twist her body into several weird positions. This ungodly ability allows her to lock her opponents into the best and most innovative submissions.

Then combine all of her gimmick and add eight years of experience and you have one of the best female wrestlers in North America to date. MsChif has so much talent at her disposal that she is the current reigning and defending with Shimmer, NWA Midwest, and the NWA World Women's championships.

Not only has she held multiple titles (Coastal Wrestling Association Tag Team Championship and IWA Mid-South Womens Championship), but she has also thrilled the fans by being in some of the greatest female feuds in recent times. Some of these include Daizee Haze, Cheerleader Melissa, and Mickie Knuckles.

Even though she has all of this talent and her accomplishments, she has yet to be snapped up by one of the major company's. However, I believe this is a good thing for her as she can keep sole control over her own gimmick. As with the recent signings of knockouts in TNA, they could sign her to a contract but, most likely, they would tarnish her gimmick and water it down as they have done with so many others.

So to conclude, if you have the chance to watch a MsChif match, it would enlighten you to an alternate to the "T&A" trend within WWE.