WWE: Raw Thoughts About John Cena and The Miz

BenContributor IMay 26, 2009

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This is my first article.

Normally, I don't bother reading articles on the Internet about the WWE. I think most people on the Internet are overcritical and don't just sit there and enjoy what they watch. But I thought I would finally come on here and write my own article.

I think this week's Raw, despite Vince's dig at Enos Kroenke, was great. It was a lot better and a lot more exciting than previous weeks.

Mr Kennedy's return brightened up the evening. I think Raw is starting to show potential of creating new stars just like Smackdown is doing.

With Kennedy back, MVP getting the pin in the 5-on-5 match and The Miz getting his storyline with Cena, it shows they are potentially buidling stars, as long as they don't shoot them back down.

The Miz and Cena never got in the ring together during the 5-on-5 match, which makes you think they will build to a big storyline after Extreme Rules.

The storyline could possibly elevate the Miz. Possibly The Miz and Cena will finally get in the ring together at "THE BASH."

I have never been a big fan of the Miz, but recently have changed my mind. I believe the BEST future superstar currently in the WWE is John Morrison.

Also seeing as this is the first article I have written, I thought I would say something about John Cena, or the anti-Cena fans. 

I know people hate him because they think he is just there for the kids, but you cant deny how hard he works.

Anyone who works as hard as that to get somewhere in their life gets a pretty big tick in my books.

WWE should never have turned PG, but people who completely blame him for it and hate him for it are ridiculous.

Thanks, Ben