Syracuse Lacrosse to Open a Can of Haterade on Brett Queener

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Syracuse Lacrosse to Open a Can of Haterade on Brett Queener
Tonight's match up between Albany and SU in the Dome will feature a team on a nine game winning streak against a goalie that gives the world a million reasons to dislike him.

There are so many things about Great Danes goalie Brett Queener that make fans despise the guy.

For starters, the guy is good. He's got very solid numbers this year as he gives up just 7 goals a game and has a save percentage over 56%. He can't help his team cannot win a faceoff to save his life which is probably the biggest factor for why Albany is 5-6.

Queener also likes to get out of the net and play some offense. He'll play the EMO at times. He's got five shots this year with only one on goal. He's asking SU defenders to level him all game as he's not afraid to run the ball upfield.

Third, Queener's last name is well Queener. He's asking for it with that name. It's easy to say and a funny name.

It's bad enough his name is Queener, but then he goes and plays for the Great Danes which is one of the worst nicknames in collegiate sports. Great Danes sounds like a seal on an English Coat of Arms.

Finally, Queener wears tights in goal. Not sweatpants like most goals or just shorts. He wears tights. Really Brett? You find it necessary to wear tights in lacrosse? You look like an absolute pansy down on the turf.

Alright, onto the actual game.

Albany doesn't win faceoffs. That without a doubt is their biggest problem. You cannot win against teams as efficient on offense and defense as Syracuse without winning close to half of the faceoffs, if not more.

Albany just doesn't that. It's not even close. The Great Danes win just 40.7% of faceoffs.

Albany has tried three players at X and none have worked. Jordan Levine has been the best, winning just 14 of 30 draws.

This game could simply come down to, if Albany doesn't win the faceoff battle, they aren't winning the game.

This makes Jerome Brennan for SU a major factor tonight. He leads the nation in faceoff percentage. If he dominates tonight, the Orange are going to blow the Danes out of the Dome.

Albany also only has one legitimate scoring threat. Corey Small has 28 goals in 11 games. Throw a second defender at him at times, force him to give up the ball.

Albany has two other players in double digit goals, Brian Caufield and Steve Ammann. To be fair to Caufield, he does have 14 goals in just eight games. He'd probably be close to 20 had he played the whole season.

Last year the Orange offense exploded against Albany for 17 goals. SU was able to chase Queener in just 14 minutes after allowing eight goals.

The Danes were 11-1 coming into the game as the Orange were having a disappointing season.

Sounds a lot like this year with the roles reversed.

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