Throw It Away Or Throw It To The Throw Aways?

john renshawContributor IMay 26, 2009

LEBANON - JANUARY 14: New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress winks at a supporter as he arrives at the Lebanon County Courthouse January 14, 2009 in Lebanon, Pa.  Burress is scheduled to appear in a civil trial in a dispute with an automobile dealer over what he owes in damages to a vehicle supplied to him by the dealership. (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

With about three-quarters of the new offense and defense installed, will the Rams add some new players as well?

Do the Rams have an interest in Plaxico Burress? They sure as heck should.

He is totally worth the risk. The Rams can’t be picky. They certainly were not picking many receivers in the draft.

They only selected one in the fifth round, Brooks Foster, from North Carolina.

Shoot, some Rams' fans would sign Foster Brooks if he were still alive. The famous actor, who portrayed a love-able drunk on stage, would have been very comfortable here is the city that makes Budweiser, draft or bottle.

And he might have been a better route runner, sober or drunk, than some of the receivers battling out for the No. 2 wide out spot.

OK, just kidding, but Tim Carter, Laurent Robinson, and Keenan Burton are not keeping opposing defensive backs up all night, the way old Foster used to do.

Laurent Robinson is listed at 6'2" and 194 pounds.

"Hopefully, I can just step in and learn the playbook," he said. "This is my third offense in three years."

Actually, it's his fourth in four years, counting his senior season at Illinois State, where he holds school records for receptions (192) and receiving yards (3,007).

A third-round draft choice in 2007, Robinson played his first season in Atlanta for Bobby Petrino.

Robinson, 23, appeared in 15 games, with six starts, and gathered in 37 catches for 437 yards. Petrino resigned abruptly just before the end of the season, and Robinson didn't have nearly as much success last year under coach Mike Smith.

Hampered by hamstring and knee injuries, Robinson was limited to six games. He caught just five passes for 52 yards.

"I've got to forget about last year and move on to this year," Robinson said. "I'm just focused on staying positive and doing everything I can to stay healthy."

What about 29-year-old Tim Carter? He has been in the NFL for 6 years, the first five with the New York Giants and the last with Cleveland in 2007.

Carter was way out of shape in the hot Texas summer last season, so he was one of the Houston Texans' final cuts.

But the Rams saw something in this journeyman, or maybe it just shows how thin and desperate the Rams are at wide receiver.

Carter, a 6', 187-pounder, who has 80 NFL catches for 1,084 yards and four touchdowns, rededicated himself to conditioning and went looking for a team.

The Rams gave him a chance, took an up-close look at his ability and athleticism at Mini-camp and signed him to a deal.

It is very hard for Rams fans to believe in their new West Coast offense with Robinson and Carter being counted on.

But second year wide out Donnie Avery likes the new playbook that offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur brought from Philadelphia.

"This offense is quarterback-friendly and wide receiver-friendly," Avery said. "It gives the wide receiver more opportunity just to free-lance and get open."

Avery, a second-round draftee last year, had 53 catches for 674 yards as a rookie.

"It is funny, seeing other guys the same age as me, and they make fun of me, they call met 'vet,'" Avery said. "But it's all just having fun."

The Burress watch will continue in this 'hood. Will he be a pariah because of his reputation as a hood, or will the Rams look for more help on defense by picking up cornerback Roderick Hood?

Hood is a 27-year-old, 5'11", 198-pound corner, who spent his first four years with the Eagles. Spagnuolo was a defensive assistant there for three of those seasons.

Obviously, there is a definite NFC East feel here, when evaluating both of these guys. Nobody knows the Giants or Eagles better than head coach Steve Spagnulo or his new offensive guru Shurmur.

Both Burress and Hood are labeled under the rumor possibility right now, but it is fact, not rumor, that the Spags and Shurm know all there is to know about both of these guys.

It’s beginning to sound a lot like football huh?  Hurry up, training camp!

And oh by the way, sign Burress!