WWE Survivor Series 2013: Power Ranking Most Likely Swerves at Event

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IINovember 6, 2013

WWE Survivor Series 2013: Power Ranking Most Likely Swerves at Event

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    WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view is one of the big four pay-per-views of the year for the world's biggest wrestling company. Survivor Series has become a Thanksgiving-time tradition for the WWE Universe and acts as the big stage for the fall's hottest feuds to play out. Survivor Series brings with it a considerable amount of intrigue each year, and this year is no different. 

    With a number of feuds reaching their proverbial boiling points over the last few weeks, there are a ton of potential swerves that could take place at Survivor Series. 

    Here are seven of the most likely swerves that could shock the WWE Universe and change the landscape of the company as we head into Royal Rumble season. 

7. Roman Reigns Turns on the Shield

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    The least likely swerve to happen at Survivor Series is a tough thing to guess. It'd be easy to say that the least likely swerve would be for TNA to shock the world and start a new invasion angle, but we all know that isn't going to happen. 

    Instead, here is a swerve that is definitely in the realm of possibilities at Survivor Series, but really isn't all that likely.

    How about Roman Reigns turning his back on The Shield and becoming a babyface? According to Figure Four Online, by way of WrestlingInc.com, this plan is rumored to be in the works, but it might not happen for some time. 

    The Shield has been great. They've established themselves as some of the best young talents in the company, but they're starting to look a little less threatening with the Wyatts wreaking havoc on the locker room as the WWE's most exciting trio. The Wyatts are starting a feud with two of the biggest names on the roster while The Shield continues to act as the corporate lapdogs for Triple H, which is making them seem way less menacing. 

    It's time for The Shield to break apart and start their career as individuals, and while it isn't very likely to happen right now with the corporate angle still rolling into Survivor Series, it'll definitely happen down the road as the Wyatt Family gets increasingly popular as the new heel trio in the WWE.

6. Vince McMahon Sides with Big Show

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    One thing has been incredibly noticeable during this whole Authority vs. Big Show feud: the absence of Vince McMahon. Vince is usually brought in for big storylines or events, especially ones that involve a corporate angle. How has he managed to stay off TV this long in a feud that screams Vince McMahon? 

    My opinion? The WWE is saving him for something huge. What something huge? A mind-blowing, Survivor-Series something huge. 

    Imagine the Survivor Series main event. Randy Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship. Big Show starts to get the upper hand, he's about to seal a victory and take the title away from the Authority! But then, Triple H's music hits. He comes down the ramp and starts to get involved. Then, Big Show gets his hands on H, he's about to throw a knockout punch when Vince's music hits. Vince struts down the ramp and Triple H looks relieved. But then, Vince nods his head at Big Show. Show punches the COO, knocks out Randy Orton and wins the title. 

    Having Vince behind Big Show's recent tomfoolery would make a lot of sense. It would explain how Show had access to the arenas when he kept getting in the building when he was supposedly "barred from the arena" and how he had access to the technical stuff when he hijacked Raw via satellite a few weeks back. 

    With Vince getting up there in age, this could be the catalyst that sets off a battle between him and his son-in-law for who has control of the company as a way for Triple H and Stephanie to take over. 

    This swerve is certainly more possible than Roman Reigns leaving the Shield, but still isn't incredibly likely, mostly because of how bold it would truly be for the WWE to pit Vince against his own daughter and her husband. 

    But hey, crazier things have happened. 

5. Triple H Gets Physically Involved in the Main Event

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    It's just a matter of time before Triple H laces up his boots to do battle in the WWE ring again. As the Authority continues to tangle with Big Show, it seems likely that Triple H will eventually take matters into his own hands and take on Big Show in person. 

    While we won't get that matchup at Survivor Series, as Big Show is set to take on Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, Triple H could definitely get involved in the main event, not just to come to talk to the ref like he did at Hell in a Cell, but physically, as well. 

    It's certainly not the most likely swerve that may take place at Survivor Series, seeing as Big Show and Orton will be meeting in the ring for the first time with the title at stake, but the possibility is definitely there. 

    Triple H has been noticeably frustrated with Stephanie as she disagrees with him, and with Big Show as he continues to interfere with WWE programming. Now, with Show officially "reinstated" and fighting for the title at Survivor Series, it wouldn't be totally unbelievable to see Triple H get physically involved in the match if it looks like Big Show has the upper hand. 

    What better way to assure that Randy Orton keeps the title? 

4. Someone Screws over Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

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    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are seemingly joining forces to take on the WWE's most terrifying trio, the Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt and his cronies have been viciously attacking Bryan and Punk for the last few weeks, and it seems obvious that it'll all culminate in a match at Survivor Series. 

    While the odds will most likely be evened before then, either by adding one member to Punk and Bryan to make it three-on-three or adding three more Superstars to make it four-on-four, it seems like this match has to have some shenanigans. 

    Why does it have to have shenanigans? A few reasons. 

    Reason one: This feud just started. It's not the kind of feud that can be done—or done well, at least—in just a few weeks. 

    Reason two: The Wyatt Family hasn't convinced the WWE Universe that they are good enough to win a fair fight yet, but they still need to win to look strong and convince the WWE Universe that they're legit.

    Reason three: Punk and Bryan are too good to be beat clean by three youngsters. 

    Whoever is added to this match to join forces with Bryan and Punk has to pull a swerve for some reason, allowing the Wyatt Family to get a victory over two of the WWE's biggest names. 

    But who could possibly fill that role?

    Who indeed...

3. The Miz Turns Heel...Again

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    How about the Miz? 

    The WWE has made it pretty obvious that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk will team up to take on the Wyatt Family at some point down the road, most likely at Survivor Series. But with just Punk and Bryan, the WWE needs to even the odds against Bray's creepy family. 

    Right now, it would make sense for the WWE to toss the Miz into the feud to even the odds against the Wyatts after he was brutally attacked backstage a few weeks back. This would be a great opportunity for the Miz to turn heel while giving the Wyatts a win over Bryan and Punk without making the former champions look weak.

    The Miz hasn't been that interesting as a face. He's been mildly successful on the midcard, playing around with the Intercontinental Championship a few times, but his connection with the WWE Universe has been lukewarm at best. Sabotaging CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series would be a great way for the Miz to make an immediate impact as a bad guy again.

    Recent tweets from the Miz certainly don't hurt the chances of this likely possibility. 

2. AJ Lee Loses Her Championship

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    AJ has been holding the Divas Championship since WWE's inaugural Payback pay-per-view, and, to put it simply, she's been a breath of fresh air in the division. Unfortunately for AJ, she's in a group of dancers and models, and the WWE has made it apparent that wrestling skills aren't a major requirement for their female talent.

    AJ has come a long way in changing that. AJ is solid in the ring and has made Divas matches more than bearable, as opposed to their usual spot on the card as a bathroom-break match. AJ has truly made the division one worth watching in recent history, and it seems like the Divas title is safe in her hands, right? 


    Though AJ has brought life back into the division, the WWE Universe will be shocked at Survivor Series when AJ gets taken down by whichever Bella twin gets the nod. Both Bellas have been running as semi-babyfaces recently, mostly due to their involvement with Total Divas and their now-public relationships with John Cena and Daniel Bryan. 

    Regardless of AJ's scathing promos against the "fake" Divas of the WWE, her time as champ will come to an end at Survivor Series as the WWE continues to promote their E! reality show. 

1. Another Dirty Finish for the WWE Championship

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    The surprise that will most likely happen at Survivor Series would normally be considered a big swerve. However, when we've seen it at the last three or four pay-per-views in a row, it loses a little bit of its meaning and surprise. 

    At Survivor Series, Big Show and Randy Orton, like the last few WWE Championship pay-per-view matches, will end dirty. With more to come in the Authority vs. Big Show angle, this one can't end decisively at Survivor Series.

    Big Show has just been "officially" brought back, and it would be extremely surprising to see him knock off Randy Orton in his first attempt and take the WWE Championship to end the Authority angle. It'd also be surprising for him to lose clean to Orton in the middle of the ring and go back to being normal ol' Big Show after everything he's pulled in recent weeks. 

    With so much focus on this entire storyline, things are far from over between the Authority and the World's Largest Athlete. A dirty finish is almost guaranteed to go down at Survivor Series as this feud continues to develop more and more each week.